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Carly Rae Jepsen 'Making the Most of the Night' Review: New 'EMOTION' Song Is a Stunner

by Carolyn Menyes   Aug 7, 2015 14:16 PM EDT

Carly Rae Jepsen's new album EMOTION hasn't arrived in stores yet but fans have gotten a taste of much of the album. The "Call Me Maybe" singer's trend of releasing a new promo single every week leading up to her release date continues today (Aug. 7) as she drops another song, "Making the Most of the Night."

"Making the Most of the Night" helps to even further establish EMOTION as a heavily '80s influenced record. Featuring more synth lines than one can even count, the latest Jepsen single is yet another piece of polished pop perfection.

"I know you've had a rough time / But here I come to hijack you, hijack you / I love you / I'm making the most of the night," Jepsen sings with massive volume and a sugary sweet high vocal in the chorus, over synthesized beats that just rush by in a single instant.

"Making the Most of the Night" doesn't just have momentum in the chorus, Jepsen carries a sense of pure happiness, love and innocence throughout the whole track, which makes the most of every moment. It's the sort of supportive love song that makes listeners feel at once hopeful and able to dance.

Despite a release date of Aug. 21, EMOTION has had plenty of tracks drop already and "Making the Most of the Night" is just the latest. Jepsen has previously released lead single "I Really Like You" as well as promo singles "All That," "EMOTION," "Run Away with Me" and "Warm Blood." EMOTION will be Jepsen's sophomore album, following the release of 2013's Kiss.

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