While the King of Rock may have passed away in 1977, his legacy lives on stronger than ever. Elvis was a musical legend who released his first RCA single back in 1956. Heartbreak Hotel shot to the top of the charts and thus began the singers impressive career. He released one successful hit record after the other, selling millions and earning gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards for 150 different albums and singles

Elvis won three Grammy Awards and starred in 31 films during his time in the spotlight. In his later years, he sought a quieter lifestyle away from the spotlight before passing away at the age of 42 in his home in Tennessee.

Since his untimely death, Elvis' popularity continues to grow and his timeless music has captured many new fans of new generations throughout the years. It's estimated that the King of Rock sold over one billion units, which makes him the most commercially successful solo artist of all time. Devoted fans continue to celebrate the musician's life, achievements and talents. More recently, Elvis was been rewarded the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom.

What is the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is a prestigious award to honour US civilians who have made a praiseworthy contribution to security or national interests of the US. This includes anything from world peace to cultural endeavours. The president is the only individual permitted to bestow the award and it was established by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, becoming the world's first US civilian neck decoration.

A person can receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom more than once in their lifetime, which means there are no limits to how many times a recipient can be given the praise they deserve. The medal itself is in the form of a golden star with a blue circle and 13 gold stars at its centre.

What does the Presidential Medal of Freedom mean?

The Presidential Medal of Freedom recognises the efforts made by individuals. As an additional benefit, the awardee is given a warm invitation to meet the President and will receive a few miniature versions of the award to be worn on a uniform. The award isn't given out too often, adding further value to the individuals who receive it. It's seen as the Nation's highest civilian honour and is always presented at the White House on November 22nd.

Who else has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Some well-known figures who received the award in the past include Mother Teresa, who received her own medal in 1985 from President Ronald Reagan. British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher have also both received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The award has also been given to countless people in the public eye, including Robert De Niro, who was recognised for his success in the film industry. Ellen DeGeneres is another winner of the award and was given it to celebrate her impact on society. Other winners of the Presidential Medal of Freedom include Tom Hanks, Michael Jordan, Diana Ross and Bruce Springsteen.

Elvis: A Worthy Recipient

President Donald Trump held his first Medal of Freedom ceremony this year and announced that Elvis Presley was among seven recipients at the event. He also mentioned that he himself had attended an Elvis concert in his younger days. During the event, Elvis was referred to as "an enduring American icon" at the White House and now joins a list of musical geniuses such as Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan who have also received the award.

Elvis is a worthy recipient of such an award because his fame continues in the modern-day world. There's a never-ending list of Elvis merchandise that can be picked up in stores around the world and online. From vinyl records to figurines, t-shirts, posters and mugs, there are many desirable products with The King's brand that can be found.

There have even been a few games inspired by the king of rock and roll. The Elvis slot game is one of the most popular games made in the superstars honour. It includes Elvis-inspired symbols on the reels with a Las Vegas feel, making game-play slick, fast and immersive.

There are a few Elvis themed slot games to choose from, but you'll find the very best - along with hundreds of other online slots game classics - over at Wink Slots. There's also a Michael Jackson slot - so that makes two well-known Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients who've both had slot games made in their honour.

The legacy of Elvis Presley

Despite his death in 1977, Elvis and his music continues to capture the hearts and minds of the public. There hasn't been a musician quite as famous as Elvis, and his ability to hold an audience for sustained periods of time is truly remarkable.

There's also been countless movies, documentaries and TV-shows dedicated to the musician, including the most recent documentary, The King, which debuted at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The documentary was directed by Eugene Jarecki and focuses on the life and career of the rock and roll icon.

Elvis' talent and music had a massive influence on many musicians, including Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger. Many artists have covered Elvis' greatest hits, such as JXL's cover and the remix of A Little Less Conversation.

Lana Del Rey recently released an Elvis tribute song that was dedicated to the King of Rock. Both musicians have a nostalgic feel to their music, which makes them a dream music pair - one can only imagine what kind of a duo they might have made on stage. The song was demoed back in 2008, but it's only started to build momentum and gain recognition in recent months.

As a household name and winner of a variety of awards, it's no surprise that The King's legacy lives on through film, games, merchandise, and the songs of the musician's that have followed after his time. That's why he makes such a worthy recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.