A lot of folks are sheepish about buying jewelry online. But, nowadays, there are so many ways to inspect the quality of a product without even laying a finger on it. So, we went on a mission; we wanted to find the best place to buy diamonds online.

The truth is, there are a number of reliable and trustworthy sites. We took our research and narrowed it down to five sites that seem to offer to best selection and the easiest design process. If you're looking to give the gift of a lifetime, then here are five places we recommend you try. 

1. Etsy

Honestly, we can't think of much we don't go to Etsy for. It's a huge online marketplace for handmade, craft goods and vintage items. Whether you need a new tablecloth, a dining room table, or a vintage diamond engagement ring, Etsy will have something in line with what you're looking for. 

It's a very safe site to shop on. We like to sort our searches by customer reviews. You'll see some sites out there with thousands of positive customer reviews, and that's where we like to begin. Then, we scroll and scroll until we find "the one."

2. Blue Nile

Blue Nile is another phenomenal site with custom rings, vintage finds, and ready-made beauties. But, we have personal experience with their customer support team and we have to say, "Wow."

They went above and beyond to find a certain style of diamond we were looking for and contacted us within a matter of days to report their findings.  

You might start with the "Vintage" Category under their "Engagement Rings" dropdown if you have a lady who deserves something truly unique.

3. Rockher Haute Jewels

Rockher really knows how to rock it for those looking to design their own diamond ring. ROSI is their AI-powered diamond finder. Once you know what style of diamond you'd like to showcase in the center of the ring, then ROSI will find the best conflict-free diamond within your budget. 

Check out these Round Diamonds. All you do is type in your budget and ROSI will do all the work for you. Then, you can get to the design work, including the band and any other embellishments. 

4. James Allen

The tech savvy brain inside of us loves James Allen for their clear-cut and organized website. For example, you'll see quite a few options under the "Engagement Rings" dropdown menu:

  • Start with a setting
  • Start with a diamond
  • Start with a lab-created diamond
  • Start with a gemstone

From there, you can roll up your sleeves, rub your palms together, and get to designing. If you're not sure about any of the above categories, then they have even more options: 

  • Engagement ring styles (i.e., solitaire, pavé, halo)
  • Shop by metal (i.e., white gold, yellow gold, rose gold)
  • Designer collection

James Allen provides the perfect jumping-off point, no matter where you are in your design process.  

5. Clean Origin

If you've ever heard anything about blood diamonds, surely, you were horrified. It makes you wonder where all our timeless, beloved jewelers secure their treasures from. Clean Origin provides the assurance that the diamond you're about to place on your beauty's hand has a conflict-free origin. 

All their diamonds are lab-created and, honestly, we think that's a good thing. Lab created diamonds are real diamonds (despite the stigma). It's just that they're grown inside labs using cutting-edge technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process. 

It's like digging up an orange tree out in a Floridian grove or digging up an orange tree in a greenhouse in Wisconsin. The end result is the same. We believe you'll find some affordable beauties at Clean Origin and you can shop by collection or, of course, make your own. 

The Best Place to Buy Diamonds Online

If you give us a research project, we'll get right to it. This was a fun little project. Without question, these can all be considered the best place to buy diamonds online.

If you live your life according to the world wide web, then we hope you'll continue to come on over and visit us here at WowGold-It.

We're your tech savvy friends with a mind for everything AI and we wish you tremendous success throughout your online search for the perfect ring!