Students and working-class citizens can sometimes be under great pressure at work or school and need something to help them focus on the task at hand. Some have argued that music can be a great solution for getting enhanced concentration levels, while others believe the contrary. 

The answer to this debate is that music can help but it depends on the genre you choose to listen to when working or studying. Here are the best music genres that can help you concentrate when studying or working.

Ambient and Electronic Music               

The ambient and electronic music is quite popular amongst many students and is quite broad. It ranges between fast electronic dance music to slow ambient rhythms that can be perfect for studying and focusing on your books or work. There are different artists that create this music, including The Orb, Stars of the Lid, Skrillex, and many others.

The music makes the brain more receptive to learning and leads to a clutter-free mind ready to undertake the task at hand. It relaxes the mind by freeing it from all other thoughts and prepares the brain for learning or working. There are various music radio channels as YouTube collections that you can listen to that offer this kind of music.

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Classical Music

Classical Music is the most popular option for individuals that want increased concentration levels. The genre of music has a reputation for relaxing the mind similarly to ambient electronic songs. 

Classical music is quite enjoyable and you have a large base of popular composers to choose from. The list includes Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and other great classical music composers

Mozart has been the obvious option for most students when studying because of the highly publicized effect of this composer's music. He is not the one and only option, though, but it all depends on your preferences and what works for you. Try listening to different composes and find the one that makes your brain feel free and calm.

Instrumental rock

A lot of people argue that rock music can be pretty disturbing and not contribute to increased levels of concentration. Well, it depends on the type of rock you are listening to because this genre is quite diverse. 

There is hard rock, alternative rock, and other types that may not be conducive to studying and working. Although that is true, there is a type of rock music that is perfect for this occasion and has instrumentals only. 

Various bands are producing instrumental rock but the most famous one is Explosions in the sky. Other great musicians that create instrumental rock music include Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, and Sigur Rós. With this type of rock music, your concentration and productivity levels will be dramatically increased. 

Best Music Genres That Help You to Concentrate
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Jazz music

Jazz music is an easygoing genre that mostly comprises of instrumentals, although in some cases, you may find songs with lyrics. The frequency patterns of Jazz music calm the brain and can increase concentration and productivity levels. 

Although some can tolerate listening to music with some words, others cannot and if you fall in the latter category, it might be beneficial to source instrumentals only. 

There are plenty of Jazz musicians and bands that offer instrumental-only music that can be streamed live on YouTube. There are also hour-long music collections of this genre and some with even longer durations that you can enjoy listening to. Alternatively, you can listen to online radio stations that play and cater to fans of this particular genre of music.

Alternative genres

You can listen to alternative genres from all around the world with different cultural backgrounds to get extra concentration levels. Remember that music that increases concentration levels depends on a case-by-case basis. You might not find any of the genres listed above helpful in increasing concentration levels and in that case, it is prudent to look into other genres. 

For example, some have found some African tribal rhythms effective when they study or work. Others may find some Chinese cultural songs effective, which stresses the importance of broadening your scope a little. 

Look outside of North American or Western music genres and you might just find what you're looking for. You can find and live stream these alternative genres on YouTube in single tracks or music collections with longer durations.

The bottom line

There is a variety of music to choose from when you intend to get enhanced levels of concentration. The list is not limited to these 5 genres mentioned hereinabove and you can choose whatever suits your preferences best. Remember, the entire purpose is calming the mind so it can be more receptive to studying or working. Whatever meets that target should be the music genre you listen to when faced with tight deadlines for assignments or work.

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