LODATO is certainly one of the most remarkable DJ\Producers of our time. Every track that he creates ultimately finds its ways to the top charts across the globe. He has also managed to create a signature style in his music, something that has given him much acceptance in the world of Pop and EDM. The American DJ has produced hit remixes of numerous tracks recorded by well-known artists including Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Sean Paul; this has largely contributed to his Worldwide recognition. 

One of the most recent and pivotal moves in his career was signing a long term deal with Spinnin' Records. The Lodato SpinninRecords collaboration has already proved to be a great partnership as this has given rise to the number #1 hit  'GOOD'. The captivating and rhythmic dance track induces feelings of euphoria that are largely emanating from the lively vibe and lyrics. It fuses the craftsmanship of electronic and pop music, resulting in an irresistible tune. 


LODATO has had a tremendous run in his music career; over the years, he has managed to top Billboard Dance/Club charts and amassed millions of streams on Spotify. One of his biggest moments came when he received the Remixer of the Year award in the Miami Music Week; he brilliantly worked on his version of the song 'Heathens', a song that was initially done by Twenty One Pilots. He has produced great hits that have been featured in Top 40 Radio across Europe and the United States. Another major milestone in his career is the massive support he has received from fellow DJs including The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, David Guetta, and Steve Aoki; this has further promoted his career in the EDM arena. 

Popular Smash Hits 

The list of smash hits produced by LODATO is endless; almost every song done by the ingenious DJ is unique in its special way. Still, even in the massive pool of incredible hit songs, there are those which stand out from the rest. His original single 'Original', which he collaborated with the stunning singer-songwriter Vassy, became #1 on Billboard Dance/Club. The song nearly scoped the 'Best Dance Song' category award in the 2019 Grammy Awards besides being #5 on the Dance Radio Chart in the United States. Lastly, we can't feature LODATO's incredible masterpieces without mentioning the hit track 'Home'. The fabulous tune has been meticulously crafted to evoke the vigor of music festivals. 

What the Future holds for LODATO and Spinnin' Records

The future certainly looks bright for the New York DJ\Producer; the phenomenal rankings in various charts and platforms have given him a loyal fan base and support. His partnership with Spinnin' Records has surly opened up more doors of opportunity for the young producer. The collaboration is set to unleash more great hits that promise to rock major top charts in many regions.