Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19, things have been difficult for people. Many jobs shifted to working from home, and while the first months were interesting and people had the opportunity to relax, it soon became apparent that this was not how people expected the world to continue. In times like these, hope seems bleak. YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone, however, have come out as the perfect rapper-producer duo to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel a little clearer. 

Celestaphone is a Californian record producer. MC Paul Berman's alternative personality is YOUNGMAN, who emerged from conversations with the late British-American rapper MF DOOM. Collaboration between Celestaphone and YOUNGMAN has resulted in the incredible album A YEAR OF OCTOBERS. 

The newly released album is phenomenal but was not easy to produce. Production took place during the pandemic, which made things even more complicated. YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone both had to go above and beyond to make it work. The album, however, was worth the effort and all the hard work. 

A YEAR OF OCTOBERS is YOUNGMAN's debut. The album is fully produced by Celestaphone and it blends together the uniqueness of two popular genres, making a perfect fusion of punk and hip-hop. There's plenty to love for all music fans. The album incorporated the emotions that went into producing it and the handwork and extra miles the team had to go through because of the extra obstacles caused by the pandemic. 

In the past, MC Paul Barman had collaborated with MF DOOM multiple times. YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone believe that many milestones and career highlights are coming with their collaboration with A YEAR OF OCTOBERS hitting an impressive 91/100 rating on Focus Hip Hop. These numbers combined with the incredible album are sure to catapult them both to the very top. 

YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone have described the journey of making the album as involving a lot of emotions and stress. The production process was incredibly demanding due to the new uncertain way things were being done because of the pandemic. They had to record from remote locations and then, on top of that, deal with the difficulties of long-distance communication and time differences. 

Unlike a conventional way of recording or producing in a large studio, A YEAR OF OCTOBERS relied on portable computers, an interface, and performance mics - a combination of this equipment was used in many locations, none of which were studios. They both agree that not being able to physically do everything due to the new guidelines made the journey incredibly difficult. 

Learning from their success and hardships can be a lesson and realization for everyone. YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone even have advice, which is that great art can be a healer during times of uncertainty such as this, the global pandemic that we're all currently fighting. They have shown to act on those words by producing an album which is pure art while going through the hardships of the pandemic.

YOUNGMAN and Celestaphone see themselves growing with new music releases as they hope to reach out to new and fresh audiences such as with A YEAR OF OCTOBERS