Growing up in a family where nobody had prior experience in the field of music, it took some time for John Walsh to truly understand what he wanted to do with his career. However, ever since he danced his heart out with his father on a newly released pop song, something changed inside him. Before this day, music was just an ordinary sound for John. But after this day, every time he heard any musical sound, there was a unique feeling of happiness inside. Thus, since that one night, John fell in love with the idea of music.

While during the beginning, John would just listen to a song or two, but later on, he started spending hours on music. In fact, he wouldn't just listen to music, but also write down every lyric he could understand and elaborate to himself what it meant. At times, he would also learn a song, and sing along with it while standing on his bed, pretending he was on a stage. Even though John's intense love for music worried his parents, they believed that it would slowly fade away with time. However, they were wrong. In fact, with time John's passion deepened.

As with practice, John started getting a better grip on music, so he decided to make his first song. Since he wished for it to be perfect, he would spend hours coming up with new ideas and practicing them, while even discarding some. Soon after working for many days and after staying up for many nights, John was there with his very first original piece. As he had practiced very hard to make it perfect, now the only thing left was to perform it in front of his family and friends. Thus, one night after dinner, John gathered everyone and performed his first ever original music in front of an audience. And to much surprise, his audience not only enjoyed his piece but also couldn't believe that he had come along with it all by himself. Therefore, since that very night, every day John worked on his music. Soon enough, he was able to rent a small studio for himself where he recorded more of his original work. As a result, one day his work grabbed the attention of a producer, and John was finally able to release his first album.

Today, John has his album circulating all around the world, where his music has gotten him thousands of fans. Now all he wishes is to work hard enough so that he never lets his fans down.