Content creator LeenaLove discusses why it's important to keep a close eye on the competition and to stay reaching for the (social media) stars.

When the entrepreneur first became self-employed she says one of the key things that helped her plan her business was by following similar accounts on social media.

From glamour models to gaming streamers and cosplayers, each inspired her and motivated her to keep going.

And by building this kind of community it has also enabled her to call on them for help and guidance when she's needed it, a favour she hopes to return to other women in the future.

Recalling the advice she received when starting up, LeenaLove says one of the main points was understanding that content has to be kept fresh and updated regularly.

Due to many social media sites' temperamental rules and regulations, it sometimes doesn't take much of a shift in the algorithm before your posts are lost.

LeenaLove says she found an easy way to do this by not necessarily making things vastly different but by tweaking the goal posts.

For example, one day she might use photos of her with red hair, the next day she could be rocking purple locks.

This, she feels, enables content to stay on brand and allows her to express herself through the art and the images, which builds stronger connections with her followers.

Also, by keeping an eye on the competition allows LeenaLove to have an idea of what's working for others and what isn't, something that she tries to stay on top of.

Keeping budget costs down by taking her own photographs enables the model to try new things without breaking the bank.

While this can prove tricky sometimes, the experience has made her very familiar with what poses work for her.

LeenaLove says she likes to have a variety of successful models to follow because they always inspire her to keep going, not give up and keep trying new things.

The entrepreneur says when she first started out she wanted to solely focus on becoming a lingerie or glamour model for brands like Playboy, Maxim and FHM.

However, when she got onto social media she discovered that a lot of the women she followed combined their love of gaming with sharing photos.

She began following their lead by making different outfits for herself to be unique, grabbing attention and always leaving your audience wanting more.

To learn more about Leenalove visit her Instagram @leenalovepro.