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Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

Robin Charles Thicke is a Canadian-American R&B singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and actor. Thicke is a dual citizen, also holding Canadian citizenship through his father, actor, musician and TVread more

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In The Pop Jul 15, 2014 EDT

WATCH: Weird Al Yankovic 'Word Crimes' Music Video Takes on Robin Thicke, Poor Internet Grammar

Today (July 15), parody artist "Weird Al" Yankovic released his first new album in three years Mandatory Fun and as a part of his promotional rollout, he's releasing one new music video every day. Following the "Happy" parody "Tacky" yesterday now Yankovic is taking on Robin Thicke and his 2013 mega-smash "Blurred Lines." But he's not tackling music video nudity or desperate public pleas to a former lover... no. Yankovic is going all grammar Nazi on your butt with a new song and video for "Word Crimes."Read more »

In The Hip Hop/R&B Jul 11, 2014 EDT

Robin Thicke Teams with 1-800-Flowers for 'Paula' Themed Rose Bouquets

Not everyone can write an entire R&B album to try and woo their estranged wife back like Robin Thicke did... but they can at least buy some flowers. To tie in with his desperate plea to Paula Patton, Thicke has now teamed up with floral delivery company 1-800-Flowers to create to new bouquets named after two tracks from Paula.Read more »

In The Pop Jul 10, 2014 EDT

8 Multi-Platinum Albums That Were Relative Flops

The news of Robin Thicke's latest album selling a dismal 54 copies in Australia must be very embarrassing for him, but there are some artists who are so massively famous that even going multi-platinum can be considered a huge disappointment. Here are eight multi-platinum albums that sold less than half of their predecessors.Read more »

In The Hip Hop/R&B Jul 10, 2014 EDT

Robin Thicke New Album 'Paula' Sells Less Than 54 Copies in Australia Following Flop UK Numbers

If you thought Robin Thicke's new album Paula selling 530 copies during its first week in the U.K. was a sad news story, you probably don't want to hear about his Australian numbers. Thicke's plea to his estranged wife Paula Patton failed to crack the top 500 albums down under, meaning it sold less than 54 copies.Read more »

In The Pop Jul 09, 2014 EDT

Trey Songz Staves Off Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith on Billboard 200

Things have calmed down a little on the Billboard 200 after three straight weeks featuring new releases topping more than 150,000 in opening week sales. Trey Songz still managed to set a high bar with his new album Trigga, which sold 105,000 copies.Read more »

In The Hip Hop/R&B Jul 09, 2014 EDT

Robin Thicke 'Paula' Sees Dismal UK Album Sales: New Album 2014 Moved 530 Copies

Even though 2013 was a stellar year for Robin Thicke, with his single "Blurred Lines" and its album launching him to unprecedented success, 2014 is not treating the R&B crooner quite as well. He separated from his longtime wife/partner Paula Patton in February, and now his new album trying to win her back, Paula, is flopping... especially in the U.K.Read more »

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