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One Direction

One Direction Log Year's Second Highest Sales Week with 'Four,' Taylor Swift Stays Strong with '1989,' and Christmas Albums Rise

Nov 2014 11:48AM EDT

It took another super-fan phenom to take Taylor Swift from the top spot on the Billboard 200: One Direction gained the no. 1 position with its new album Four, which sold 387,000 copies. Despite being the second highest sales week of the year (which it took from Swift's second week), the sales for the album were lower than analysts expected.READ MORE

Garth Brooks

Thanksgiving Parody: Students Sing Garth Brooks's 'I Got Friends in Low Places' as 'I Hate Yams in All Places' [LISTEN]

Nov 2014 09:46AM EDT

There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving parody. DJ Richie Philips at WGNA in Albany, New York, got some elementary school students to sing about their least favorite holiday dish: yams. The kicker? The song is titled "I Hate Yams in All Places" and it is set to the tune of a little ditty made famous by Garth Brooks called "I've Got Friends in Low Places," Taste of Country notes. "It's Thanksgiving Day, there's food that we hate / There's also some foods that we like," the children sing, trying to nail down the melody. "When it's all on my dish, and they serve me fish / I'd rather be out on my bike." The students really give it their all in the video below, and it all comes to a climax at the reworked chorus. "I hate yams in all places / I'd rather chew on my shoelaces / But it's only right to be polite / It's only right to tell my mother / Feed those yams to my brother," they sing.READ MORE

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Cancels TV Appearances After Ferguson Decision, Singer Didn't Feel Right Promoting New Album

Nov 2014 19:43PM EDT

Garth Brooks took to Facebook today (Nov. 25) to let fans know that he will be canceling all of his TV appearances for the week in the wake of the civil unrest in Ferguson. The country star said it wouldn't be right to promote his new album, "Man Against Machine," after what happened.READ MORE

Jake Owen - "What We Ain't Got" music video

Jake Owen Shares 'What We Ain't Got' Music Video [WATCH]

Nov 2014 14:56PM EDT

Country star Jake Owen has shared the music video for his latest single "What We Ain't Got," which you can check out below. The highly emotional video is pretty bare bones and features Owen singing the song while the camera focuses on several people who have overcome or are overcoming some sort of adversity, including a cancer patient, a prisoner and a paraplegic. According to "The Boot," most of the people who appear in the video are not actors and are actually suffering from the afflictions they are portraying. "I think it was just important to have real people and real scenarios in this song to help with the message of it," Owen says of the video. One of the people who appears in the video — the first person to appear after Owen — is the song's writer Travis Meadows, who wrote the song about his own troubled life.READ MORE

Taylor Swift

Joni Mitchell Halts Biopic Starring Taylor Swift

Nov 2014 14:16PM EDT

If you were looking forward to that Joni Mitchell/Carole King/Carly Simon biopic "Girls Like Us," then today, Nov. 25, you are out of luck. In an interview with "The Sunday Times," via "NME," Joni Mitchell revealed that she has pulled the plug on the project, citing the casting of Taylor Swift as one of the primary reasons. "I squelched that!" Mitchell admitted. "I said to the producer, 'All you've got is a girl with high cheekbones.' It's just a lot of gossip, you don't have the great scenes." "There's a lot of nonsense about me in books," Mitchell went on to say, "assumptions, assumptions, assumptions." The now-halted film was based on the book "Girls Like Us" by Sheila Weller, which followed the rise of Mitchell and her singer-songwriter contemporaries Carly Simon and Carole King during the 1970s. Swift was cast as Mitchell back in 2012, with "Mad Men's" Jessica Pare cast as Simon and "The Newsroom's" Alison Pill cast as King.READ MORE

Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Gets Kim Kardashian-Themed Birthday Card from Dad Billy Ray

Nov 2014 15:30PM EDT

Miley Cyrus has been busy stopping traffic, dating famous offspring and playing with The Flaming Lips. One of pop's darkest divas, the former Disney Channel star turned 22 Sunday, Nov. 23, and promptly received an ... odd social media card from her father, Billy Ray. Did you see the Kim Kardashian "Paper" cover? Yeah, Mr. Cyrus saw it, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mileycyrus! #keepoffcrack — Billy Ray Cyrus (@billyraycyrus) November 24, 2014 Later in the day, Billy Ray provided a more traditional birthday card for his daughter: Happy birthday @MileyCyrus! Congratulations on such a successful year and I can't wait to celebrate with you! — Billy Ray Cyrus (@billyraycyrus) November 23, 2014READ MORE

Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan Releases Christmas Tour Dates [SCHEDULE]

Nov 2014 11:07AM EDT

Lorrie Morgan is bringing the Christmas spirit to several small cities this winter before landing in Nashville for a tour finale in late December. "To be able to bring the wonderful music of Christmas to audiences around the country is a dream come true," says Morgan. "This is my favorite time of year. I get to think about my children growing up and reminisce my life with my family. I wish all year could be Christmas time!" The Boot notes Morgan has hosted the Enchanted Christmas Show at Opryland in Nashville for the past two years and also released a holiday album, "Merry Christmas from London," in 1993. Here are the official dates, with ticket information on Morgan's website:READ MORE

Luke Bryan

[LIVE STREAM]: 2014 American Music Awards Red Carpet Live with Lance Bass, Jordin Sparks, Mary Lambert and More [WATCH]

Nov 2014 15:00PM EDT

Good news, Yahoo will be live at the 2014 American Music Awards on Sunday (Nov. 23) to highlight the Coca Cola Red Carpet Live! preshow, and you can watch it in the player in the post.READ MORE

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks Facebook, Twitter: Singer Personally Handles Posts

Nov 2014 14:13PM EDT

Garth Brooks is now on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, he is showing a real enthusiasm for the whole social media thing, but he had good reasons for staying off the sites for several years. "Well, up till August of this year, you've gotta remember, I was in my children's life," Brooks told the "Sean & Richie Show," via The Boot. "That was everything. And, no offense, I didn't feel it was right to share that." Things have changed, though. "Pretty cool now, though: The kids are all gone, we're out on tour and people want to know about that?" he said. "Heck, yeah, I can talk about that all day long." Brooks said he is personally handling his own social media posts, marked "Love, g" at the bottom. "Team Garth" is still posting regularly on both sites.READ MORE

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire Talks New Music, Love Song 'I Don't Have Many of Those'

Nov 2014 12:06PM EDT

We have no idea what Reba McEntire's new album will be called or when it will be released, but we do know one thing: It is happening. The country queen's most recent studio effort, "All the Women I Am," was released in 2010. "I figured it was over," she recently told "Billboard," via The Boot. McEntire said her husband, Narvel Blackstock, convinced her she had more left in the tank. "[He] kept saying, 'No, it's not; you'll record again.' And I was like, 'Wow, where's your crystal ball?'" Blackstock was right, and now McEntire is freely talking about the process for her new disc. She even has a love song: "I Don't Have Many of Those." "One thing we are sticklers about is keeping the emotion — not to make it perfect," she said. "I want it to feel heartfelt — lots of soul with it. With the technology nowadays and our engineers being so incredible, you can say, 'I want to sing that,' and they're ready, or then, 'I want to sing it again,' and they're ready. There are overdubs, you can comp it, and you can make it just right." There is another convenient aspect of country music: McEntire gets to hand-pick songs for her album from a trove of unreleased tunes.READ MORE


Kenny Chesney Releases 'Flora-Bama' Vid [WATCH]

Nov 2014 11:46AM EDT

Kenny Chesney's new music video for "Flora-Bama" features a Southern treasure: the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package in Perdido Key, Florida. "This place is so many things to so many people," Chesney said, via The Boot. "It has been for a long time because they've shared life here. Friendships were born here. Relationships were born here. Every place you look, there's 50 years of memories. Lovers have written their names on the wall, they've declared their love for each other on the wall of this place." The video includes live clips from Chesney's free August show at the Lounge and Package. "That kind of stuff lives forever in the thread, in the heart and the soul of a place like this," he continues. "I feel like the people that come to this bar really do represent my audience and everything that we've built No Shoe Nation to be." Chesney was working on his new album "The Big Revival" for most of the year, so that Flora-Bama Jama gig was his only "big" concert in 2014. According to The Boot, that show drew more than 40,000 fans.READ MORE

Keith Urban

Keith Urban Claims He Still Would've Been a Lifelong Musician Even if He Never Had Become Famous

Nov 2014 16:34PM EDT

Keith Urban says he would've been playing music for a living no matter how successful he became. "I'd be somewhere else," he told CMT, when asked where he'd be if not on the top of the country game. "I'd be playing some club somewhere tonight."READ MORE

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift To Receive Special Honor at American Music Awards

Nov 2014 15:16PM EDT

On Sunday, Taylor Swift will open the American Music Awards with a performance of her No. 1 single, "Blank Space," but that's just the beginning for the young starlet.READ MORE

Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt Talks about Her Parkinson's Disease in Rare Interview Since Announcing the Diagnosis Last Year

Nov 2014 14:32PM EDT

Linda Ronstadt revealed her Parkinson's disease diagnosis in August 2013 after announcing her retirement from music two years earlier. The iconic singer hasn't spoken about the disease much since, but recently Ronstadt broke her silence.READ MORE

The Mavericks

The Mavericks Announce New Album, 2015 Tour Dates [SCHEDULE]

Nov 2014 13:35PM EDT

The Mavericks have plenty of hardware to their name: Two ACM Awards, two CMA Awards and a Grammy, to be exact. But that doesn't mean it was easy to get their newest project — the recently announced Mono — off the ground.READ MORE

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