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Mad Decent A Very Decent Christmas

Diplo's Mad Decent Releases Christmas Mixtape, 'A Very Decent Christmas' [LISTEN]

Nov 2014 19:21PM EDT

It's that time of the year again. 'Tis the season to gather around with your friends and family and listen to your favorite holiday jingles while sipping on some eggnog with a warm fire burning in the corner. The holiday season is here. This also means standing in line at the mall listening to the same 15 Christmas songs being recycled over and over again. To lighten the mood, Diplo's label, Mad Decent, has decided to put together a mixtape filled with new dance covers of classic Christmas anthems.READ MORE

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Named Highest Earning Entertainer Under 30, Beating 1D, Taylor Swift

Nov 2014 17:29PM EDT

Even though the last year or so has been a PR nightmare for Justin Bieber, that does not mean his career is in the tubes. According to "Forbes," Bieber is the highest earning entertainer under 30 for 2014, bringing in $80 million "thanks mostly to cash from the tail end of his last world tour." At 20, Bieber is also the youngest person on the list. Coming in at second place is One Direction, who have collectively brought in $75 million, while the queen of New York City Taylor Swift comes in third with $64 million — it helps that she released the only platinum album of 2014. Of the 10 entries on the list, nine are musicians, with the sole exception being Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence, who comes in at seventh place with $34 million.READ MORE

DIplo, Skrillex Kiesza

Jack U Release 'Take U There' Featuring Kiesza Music Video [WATCH]

Nov 2014 12:34PM EDT

As they announced on Power 106's "Big Boy's Neighborhood," Skrillex and Diplo have released the music video for their super duo Jack U's debut single "Take U There" alongside must-watch Canadian singer Kiesza. The video is not a big-budget music video you may find from a major-label-signed pop star, but is more of a well-produced do-it-yourself video. It features footage of Jack U performing across the Mad Decent Block Party tour this summer in Los Angeles and Dallas, with clips of the New York show at MCU Park, where "Take U There" was performed with live vocals from Kiesza for the first time. The music video takes a trippy turn with wacky Disclosure — like drawings over their faces and cartoonish animations overlaying the two DJs and singer dancing. You can tell it was pretty DIY when the police stop them for filming the video in the street. It shows the carefree and fun-loving attitude from these three, via "Spin."READ MORE

David Guetta

David Guetta to Remix 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'

Nov 2014 10:12AM EDT

After losing Disclosure's potential contribution to the project because of a miscommunication, Band Aid 30's chart-topping rework of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" will get an EDM-friendly remix from French superstar David Guetta. As has become the trend lately, your song is not entirely relevant unless dance music producers are remixing it. Disclosure was wrongly placed on the artist list, so now they must get a DJ involved, and David Guetta was the choice. Sir Bob Geldof, the man leading Band Aid 30, told Vodaphone Big Top 40 how the collaboration came together, via "Mixmag": "I was in France, I made contact with David Guetta, and he texted back after I asked if he was interested in the mix, and he said, 'Ye, why not.' So we'll have the whole dance scene covered." The ensemble of singers for Band Aid 30 includes mega-pop acts like One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, Chris Martin, Sam Smith and a third appearance from U2 frontman Bono. Bono appeared on two previous "Do The Know It's Christmas?" versions: the original in 1984 and again in 2004. The track recently stormed to the top of the charts in the U.K. and has caused much of the same backlash as previous editions for the smugness and patronizing tone of some of its lyrics.READ MORE

Deadmau5 5 years Of Mau5 Cover Art

Deadmau5 Releases '5 Years Of Mau5' EP [REVIEW]

Nov 2014 09:31AM EDT

The 5 Years Of Mau5 compilation was ambitious. It took the best deadmau5 tracks from the past five years, put them on one CD and then added a second CD remixing those tracks. He tabs some of the most promising producers in the field of dance like Madeon, Eric Prydz, Dillon Francis, Botnek and others. The compilation features some previously remixed deadmau5 tracks that had caught his ear in the past, but it is primarily comprised of new music.READ MORE

Diplo & Skrillex Jack U

Diplo & Skrillex (Jack U) Deliver Hour-Long Mix On Big Boys Neighborhood Power 106 FM [LISTEN]

Nov 2014 09:26AM EDT

Diplo & Skrillex have been busy with a host of different media commitments and they continue their visits to various radio stations and major media outlets. They have been making appearance on a whole host of radio stations and TV shows this fall. Now their duo, known as Jack U stay in their backyard, going on Power 106 in Los Angeles on Big Boy's Neighborhood. They get in the mix to spin a live DJ set that features some of their own material in a unique blend of hip hop, trap and various forms of electronic music.READ MORE

Proud Toronto EDM representative Deadmau5

Unreleased Deadmau5 Song Surfaces Online

Nov 2014 12:42PM EDT

It is always a good day when you hear some new deadmau5. It is even more special when that track is unreleased and may never see the light of day. Before he opened the doors on his new suckscription — subscription — service, he used to host live Ustream events where he would show how he was making music, interact with fans and sometimes play new material. This track is one of those to emerge from those many late-night Ustream sessions driven by cigarettes and Coca-Cola. Reminiscent of his new tune "Pets" from his latest studio album "while 1<2," deadmau5 creates a soothing, ambient soundscape that reminds us why we love the Canadian producer's music. It is speculated that this track could be an early version of "Pets" or could have become redundant once the time came to finalize the tracklist for the album. Deadmau5 shared the song on his Twitter, acknowledging the unreleased track and giving his fans the opportunity to listen, via "In the Mix." There have been plenty of other unreleased tracks teased by deadmau5 via his Ustream sessions and his subscription service, like "Bleed" and "HR Cephai." Do not expect that trend to change, as he is back home for the remainder of 2014 and gearing up for a massive Entropy world tour in 2015.READ MORE

Mixtape Monday: This Week's Newest Tracks For Sharing

Mixtape Monday: This Week's Newest Tracks For Sharing

Nov 2014 12:34PM EDT

Each and every week we put together our favorite tracks that had premiered a few days prior into one magnificent mixtape to share with you and your friends. This time around we've decided to share new songs from Charlie XCX, Boots, Prawn, Perfume Genius and more right here!READ MORE

Zach Cowie and Elijah Wood (Wooden Wisdom)

Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie Embarking On 5-Date US Tour As Wooden Wisdom

Nov 2014 09:30AM EDT

You are reading that headline correctly. Elijah Wood, Frodo from Lord Of The Rings and star in the TV series Wilfred is also a DJ. He has actually been doing it for the past couple years and is not just diving in as a celebrity looking to use their status to get more money and fame. He is a traditionalist, spinning all vinyl, which is incredibly rare for new converts to the trade. This winter, he will be going on a 5-date North American tour alongside his Djing partner, Zach Cowie as a part of their duo, Wooden WisdomREAD MORE

Krewella Coachella 2014

Krewella Release Single 'Say Goodbye,' Silent on Lawsuit

Nov 2014 09:14AM EDT

After much fanfare about potentially speaking out on their current lawsuit pending against them by former member Kristopher Trindl, Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella went on Twitch, the popular video game streaming platform, to reveal a new song: "Say Goodbye." Instead of it being an interactive live stream, which they scheduled for yesterday, Nov. 23, at 5 p.m. PST, it was just an initial play of their new single "Say Goodbye." Over the past few days, Krewella have been back in the headlines after the initial shock of Trindl's allegations wore off. The sisters filed their own counterclaim to Trindl's lawsuit, and then on Friday updated their Facebook page with a new logo and cryptic photo with the words "Say Goodbye" written faintly in white over a black background. These recent events have put the three of them back in the spotlight, and with the new Krewella single it appears the sisters are moving on from Kris "Rain Man" Trindl's involvement in the group. The track has an emo punk rock sound, mixed with some elements of drum and bass and hard-hitting electronic riffs. It carries a lot of emotion, epitomized by the chorus:READ MORE

Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero Shares First Movie Soundtrack Attempt [LISTEN]

Nov 2014 20:43PM EDT

Dutch DJ / producer Nicky Romero has shared what appears to be a first attempt at trying to make a movie soundtrack. Nicky Romero or now Nick Rotteveel, covers the infamous "Requiem For A Dream" as best he can. It sounds a little flat and seems to be missing something, but is a solid first effort in this realm. He tweeted out a private link, giving his fans access to his work.READ MORE

James Blake

Kanye West May Appear on James Blake's Next Release

Nov 2014 16:39PM EDT

James Blake is currently working on the follow-up to 2013's "Overgrown," and fans will be pleased to know that there is a good possibility of Kanye West appearing on the record. The album, which has yet to be titled, could arrive as early as April, the singer told the "Miami New Times." "I have a lot of respect for [Kanye], for what he has been releasing for years," Blake said. "We haven't done a great deal of work in the same room yet, but we've done a few things, kind of helped each other with our own music. In terms of the actual collaboration for this record, it looks like we should be able to get something done. I know that there's a specific song I would like him to be on, and if he can do that by the time my record comes out, that would be fantastic." The release is coming along, with Blake saying he is more than halfway done with it.READ MORE

Dillon Francis Coachella 2013

Dillon Francis Announces 4-Track Moombahton EP, Skrillex Collab

Nov 2014 15:20PM EDT

Despite having just released an album, "Money Sucks, Friends Rule," Dillon Francis is already gearing up to release new material. He took to Twitter to announce that he will be releasing a new moombahton EP that will feature four tracks: two new ones and an ID with Skrillex that he opened his Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas set with, via "YourEDM." You can listen to that track and the rest of his set at the bottom of the post. And yes I'm making a 4 track Moombahton EP that will have my collab w/ @Skrillex, the song I opened EDC Vegas with & 2 other brand new ones — DILLON FRANCIS (@DILLONFRANCIS) November 21, 2014 He is currently deep in a nationwide tour in support of his album, and despite being on the road every night, he has still mustered up the energy to create some new music to release. In addition to the upcoming new material, Francis just uploaded a free remix, or rebirth, of his track "Drunk All the Time" with Simon Lord, taken from Money Sucks, Friends Rule.READ MORE

Krewella Coachella 2014

Krewella File Counterclaim, To Speak at 5 p.m. PST; deadmau5 Responds

Nov 2014 14:35PM EDT

After breaking their silence on Facebook with a cryptic message telling their fans to "Say Goodbye," Krewella have brought the fight back to the courtroom with a lawsuit of their own against Kris Trindl, the former third member of the group. Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf, the sister duo who remain in Krewella, have alleged in their counterclaim that Trindl's allegations are baseless and look to show he was not integral to the group, prompting deadmau5 to respond. First reported by "The Hollywood Reporter," the claims filed in Los Angeles court detail close to two years of alleged negligent behavior that look to paint him as someone unable and unwilling to do the work required for Krewella. The 22-page court document recounts a period overt the past two years where Trindl was largely absent from studio sessions and unable to DJ because he was either too intoxicated or simply had not learned how to. As the court documents state, "While on stage, Kris would generally stand to the side of Jahan and Yasmine and pump his arms, while pretending to DJ; he was onstage primarily for the sake of image. Because Kris did not know how to DJ, he only had two effect buttons." The counterclaim also alleges that Trindl, producer for the group, actually did little producing on their artist album "Get Wet" and only wholly contributed to one song, though he received producing credits on all the tracks. The two lawsuits agree on the fact that Trindl had a substance abuse problem, but the Yousaf sisters tell a different story with how he received help. The counterclaim portrays him as uncooperative with attempts by Jahan and Yasmine to give him help with his alcohol addiction. The sisters will be speaking out today at 5 p.m. PST to give their side of the story during a live stream event on Twitch. In addition to the counterclaim filed in L.A. court, we will see what they have to say on the lawsuit, giving the situation a more human touch. They also may comment on upcoming releases and give some clarity to their "Say Goodbye" photo. Deadmau5, who has been quite vocal about this whole situation, took to his favorite medium of communication — Twitter — to share his thoughts on the situation.READ MORE

Beck - "Midnite Vultures" (1999)

Beck's 'Midnite Vultures' Turns 15

Nov 2014 11:27AM EDT

Today, Nov. 23, marks the 15th anniversary of Beck's seventh studio album "Midnite Vultures," which abandoned nearly all the singer's folk influences in favor of deliriously psychedelic funk, hip-hop and R&B. It is Beck's most fun album and arguably his best — at least I would argue that, and so would "Vulture" — so to celebrate its anniversary, here are the album's 11 songs ranked, from worst to best.READ MORE

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