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Bernard Sumner of New Order

New Order Signs To Mute Records, Prepares For New Album

Sep 2014 14:05PM EDT

Today synth-pop legends New Order announced that they have signed to British independent label Mute Records. This news came in a statement posted to Mute's website, in which label founder Daniel Miller said that he feels "privileged" to be working with the band, and is "looking towards an exciting future."READ MORE


Electric Zoo Evacuated Due To Storm Threat, Final Day Canceled For Second Year

Sep 2014 10:53AM EDT

Things came to an abrupt end as Mother Nature took its course during the final day of Electric Zoo on Sunday (Aug. 31).READ MORE

Frank Zappa - "Freak Out!" (1966)

6 Artists Who Debuted With Double Albums

Aug 2014 13:34PM EDT

Double albums are often seen as exercises in self-indulgence, so the only time an artist can usually get away with releasing one is well into their career, such as the Beatles' "White Album" or Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti. However, there have been some artists who where so confident in themselves that they chose to release double albums right off the bat. Here are six artists who debuted with double albums.READ MORE

Deadmau5 and his now for-sale Ferrari.

Celebrities and Their Cars: The Famous Vehicles of Elvis Presley, Jay Z, Birdman and More

Aug 2014 13:27PM EDT

Deadmau5 is selling his famous 'Purrari.' Here's a list of other famous vehicles associated with their owners, ordered roughly by price paid.READ MORE

Kanye West

Made In America Day 2 Live Stream: Watch Kanye West, Kings of Leon, John Mayer And More

Aug 2014 11:35AM EDT

Jay Z's Made In America Festival finishes up on Sunday in two locations: Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Kanye West flew across the country to play L.A. after headlining Saturday night's Philly show.READ MORE

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Wedding Playlist (Hers): Lana Del Rey, Cee Lo Green, Korn and More

Aug 2014 15:21PM EDT

To celebrate, we've prepared a his and hers playlist, containing only original songs featured in films starring Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie. Here's Jolie's list.READ MORE

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Wedding Playlist (His): John Legend, Nick Cave, Pink and More

Aug 2014 14:20PM EDT

To celebrate, we've prepared a his and hers playlist, containing only original songs featured in films starring Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie.READ MORE

James Murphy & Patrick Gunderson

U.S. Open: LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy Is Making Music From Tennis Data [WATCH]

Aug 2014 13:28PM EDT

DJ, producer, and electronic music wizard James Murphy hasn't released any original music since he disbanded his beloved dance act LCD Soundsystem back in 2011 (with the exception of the Converse-commissioned Gorillaz/Andre 3000 collaborative single "DoYaThing" in 2012), but his new project comes pretty close. As reported by Self-Titled, Murphy is currently working with IBM developer Patrick Gunderson on the U.S. Open Sessions project, in which raw data gathered from tennis matches at the U.S. Open is being turned into algorithms to create musical compositions.READ MORE

L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti and Jay Z at Made In America press conference

Made in America under Attack in Los Angeles as Shady Dealings Suggested Between Mayor and Live Nation

Aug 2014 12:50PM EDT

There's no threat to Made in America's Los Angeles chapter yet, but city officials and residents are raising eyebrows with regards to how the office of Mayor Eric Garcetti managed to get the festival approved in what promoter Jay Z described as "record time."READ MORE

At least the military allows Camelbaks.

TomorrowWorld Takes Camelbaks off Banned Item List after Complaints from Fans

Aug 2014 11:09AM EDT

Electronic music fans who planned on attending the TomorrowWorld festival in Atlanta were peeved to find out that organizers had banned Camelbak brand water packs from being brought onto festival grounds. After a healthy protest from future attendees, Dancing Astronaut reports the festival has reversed its position however.READ MORE

Daft Punk were among the performers sampled in a new lawsuit from Universal Music.

VH1's Masters of The Mix Hit with Copyright Lawsuit from Universal Music

Aug 2014 10:02AM EDT

Electronic music has often avoided the typical copyright arguments and only infrequently draws complaints for its culture of remixes. A new lawsuit from Universal Music may throw a wrench in the gears of the system, even if it begins far away from the center of EDM culture. The label is alleging that VH1's Masters of The Mix show did not properly license any of the music from the label that was used during Season 3 of the show.READ MORE

Ed Sheeran

iTunes Festival: Deadmau5, Jessie J, Mary J Blige Join Star-Studded Lineup [FULL SCHEDULE]

Aug 2014 11:33AM EDT

September's iTunes Festival just scored several more prominent artists, and the 30-day schedule is almost complete.READ MORE

Game of Thrones

'Rave of Thrones' Featuring DJ Kristian 'Hodor' Nairn Coming to U.S. for First Time

Aug 2014 10:28AM EDT

Hodor has one of the lowest vocabularies in the Game of Thrones series, so perhaps it's for the best that he's an electronic dance musician...not much wordplay required. Actor Kristian "Hodor" Nairn, who plays the friendly giant on the HBO series, has adapted his most famous role into an EDM show titled "Rave of Thrones," which he'll be bringing from Australia—where he played a series of club shows—to the United States for the first time on October 10.READ MORE

Paris Hilton

VIDEO: Paris Hilton Is Actually An Okay DJ [WATCH]

Aug 2014 17:41PM EDT

When Paris Hilton announced an international DJ tour earlier this month, you had every right to be skeptical. But new video has emerged from one of her stops, and the results appear to be… okay.READ MORE

The Knife

The Knife Announces Break Up Following Current Tour

Aug 2014 14:26PM EDT

In a post made to their website this morning, Swedish electronic duo The Knife announced that they would be breaking up in November, at the end of their current tour in support of their 2013 album Shaking The Habitual.READ MORE

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