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Pulp - "His 'n' Hers" (1994)

8 Albums Missing from Rolling Stone's Best of '94

Apr 2014 21:19PM EDT

Rolling Stone recently wrote a list of the 40 best alternative albums of 1994, and while they included a ton of excellent albums (Parklife, Weezer’s Blue Album, Dookie), I also noticed that a ton of classics were missing as well (and replaced by Korn and Bush, for some reason). Here are eight great albums from 1994 that Rolling Stone must have simply forgotten to add to their list.READ MORE

Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi

6 Artists Whose Second Band Was Superior

Apr 2014 19:06PM EDT

When a musician is kicked out of a high-profile band, or if that band breaks up, they can usually be expected to start another band soon afterwards. While these bands are rarely better than the old ones (see: Wings, Big Audio Dynamite), sometimes the new band is actually better. Here are six artists whose second band was better than their first.READ MORE

Foo Fighters at Rock & Roll Pizza

6 Bands That Began as Solo Projects

Apr 2014 19:03PM EDT

Unless they're singing folk songs like Bob Dylan, solo artists are rarely "solo" in the most literal sense of the word, typically employing a backing band to play along with them on record and during concerts. However, just as some artists leave their bands in pursuit of a solo career, some solo artists feel more comfortable playing music within a band environment. Here are six great bands that began as solo projects for one of the members.READ MORE

Leamers at a basement show

6 Reasons Why Basement Shows are Better Than Venue Shows

Apr 2014 19:34PM EDT

I've written some reviews of basement shows for Music Times, and the more often I go to them, the more I'm convinced that they're superior to big venue shows in almost every way. Here are some reasons why.READ MORE

Of Montreal

6 Artists Who Sound Totally Different Now Than When They Started

Apr 2014 19:31PM EDT

Artists who tend to repeat their own work over and over again usually aren’t worth following (see: Oasis), but there are some artists who have shifted their sounds so radically that they’ve become virtually unrecognizable to their former selves. Here are six artists who sound totally different from when they started.READ MORE

Led Zeppelin

Eight Totally Bizarre Guitar Solos

Apr 2014 20:14PM EDT

The most renowned guitar solos in rock history are soaring and highly melodic, like David Gilmour’s ethereal passages in “Comfortably Numb,” or the epic guitar duel between Don Felder and Joe Walsh at the end of “Hotel California”. These eight solos listed here are way too strange to ever get such recognition, but they’re definitely worth checking out anyway.READ MORE

R.E.M. "Around the Sun" (2004)

Seven Albums Hated by the People Who Made Them

Apr 2014 15:30PM EDT

Musicians have a very unusual relationship with the songs they write. Just like an actor doesn't sit around watching his or her own movies all day (hopefully), a musician doesn't listen to their own albums very often, for various reasons. They could simply be tired of hearing the songs, or maybe they're self-conscious, but sometimes an artist genuinely dislikes their own work. Here are seven albums aren't very well liked by the people who made them.READ MORE

Black Sabbath (1970)

7 Classic Albums That Were Recorded Extremely Quickly

Apr 2014 13:16PM EDT

In an era where My Bloody Valentine takes 20 years to record an album, it’s easy to forget that recording a good album doesn’t need to take a very long time. In fact, some of the greatest albums of all time were recorded in no time at all. Here are seven classic albums that were recorded extremely quickly.READ MORE

The Velvet Underground

6 Great Bands with Unconventional Drumming

Apr 2014 17:52PM EDT

A drummer can either make or break a band. If they can't keep a beat, or if they play in a style that doesn't suit the songs, then the band as a whole will suffer. These six bands understood the importance of percussion, and dared to experiment with what unusual percussion could bring out in their music.READ MORE

Pink Floyd - "Money"

7 Great Rock Songs with Saxophone

Apr 2014 16:26PM EDT

Despite what Courtney Love may think, saxophones do, in fact, belong in rock music. Of course they can be used poorly, just like anything else really, but these seven songs prove that saxophone can be integrated brilliantly into rock music.READ MORE

Conor Oberst

5 Musicians Who Pointlessly Went Solo

Apr 2014 13:33PM EDT

There are plenty of good reasons for an artist to release a solo album. Maybe their band broke up, or maybe they want to write some songs in a different style. However, sometimes musicians go ahead and release solo music that could have been easily been released with their band. Here are five musicians who didn't need to go solo.READ MORE


Six Classic Albums from the ‘80s That Don’t Sound ‘80s

Apr 2014 18:53PM EDT

Though each musical era has its own peculiar trends, no decade can compete with the ‘80s when it comes to bizarre, distinctive record production. Anyone can identify a ‘80s song immediately: chorus on the guitars, reverb on the drums, cheesy synths, and a cold atmosphere. Virtually every album released during the decade succumbed to this style, with these notable exceptions…READ MORE

Johnny Depp in 'Dead Man,' scored by Neil Young

Seven Great Movie Scores by Rock Musicians

Apr 2014 13:00PM EDT

Since Hollywood always seems desperate to get people to go to the movies, it’s strange that they wouldn’t hire popular musicians to score their films more often, as that could draw in a completely different group of people that otherwise wouldn’t care about a particular film. I’m sure there are plenty of Nine Inch Nails fans who are anticipating David Fincher’s Gone Girl simply because Trent Reznor co-wrote the score. Here are seven other rock (and alternative) musicians who wrote excellent film scores.READ MORE

Kaiser Chiefs, "Education, Education, Education and War"

Kaiser Chiefs Reign At No. 1 in UK For Second Week

Apr 2014 13:50PM EDT

In a first for Kaiser Chiefs, the Brit rockers are spending a second week atop the album charts in their home country of the UK. After the band's fifth studio album Education, Education, Education & War debuted at No. 1 last week, the album remains firm in the top spot.READ MORE

Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber at Coachella

5 Biggest Surprise Cameos Of Coachella

Apr 2014 11:42AM EDT

But, the more interesting stories lie in those who showed up at Coachella with no forewarning, shocking audiences in mostly good way (except for one...). Here at MusicTimes, we're all about the element of surprise, so check out the five biggest surprise showings at Coachella:READ MORE

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