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David Bowie - "Low" (1977)

6 Albums Divided Into Two Distinct Halves

Apr 2014 16:21PM EDT

Before the invention of CDs, artists had to sequence their albums with consideration to the two sides of a record, meaning that each half of the album had to flow and feel complete on its own. This resulted in many albums where the two sides are quite different from one another. Here are six excellent albums that are divided into two distinct halves.READ MORE

The Clash - "Cut the Crap" (1985)

6 Bands Who's Final Album Was Its Worst

Apr 2014 14:15PM EDT

When R.E.M. released its critically panned 2004 album Around the Sun, the band considered breaking up, but realized that they couldn’t end their career on such a failure, which prompted them to release two acclaimed albums before calling it a day in 2012. That was R.E.M., though. Not every band is able to control its legacy so gracefully. Here are six bands that broke up after their weakest albums.READ MORE

Luke Pritchard of The Kooks

The Kooks Announce 'Listen' Album Details

Apr 2014 12:56PM EDT

The Kooks want you to Listen to them and the English rockers are giving you a new album to do so. Today (April 24), the "Naïve" band announced new details about its fourth studio album.READ MORE


Mineral Announces Fall 2014 Reunion Tour, First Shows in 17 Years

Apr 2014 12:31PM EDT

It looks like April 2014 is the month of seminal emo/post-hardcore bands reuniting. So far this month we heard new songs from Sunny Day Real Estate and Jazz June, and a tour announcement from American Football. This week we top off this list of mid-90s emo news with Mineral announcing its 20th anniversary reunion tour for this fall, which will be the band's first set of shows in 17 years.READ MORE

Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols

7 Incredible Bands with Tiny Discographies

Apr 2014 12:16PM EDT

When you consider all of your favorite bands, they probably have at least a couple of albums to their credit. Each album might be a gem, or maybe there are a couple of duds, but most successful bands have a ton of music to choose from. The discographies of these seven bands, however, probably don't take up very much space in a record store. Here are seven great bands with very small bodies of work.READ MORE

John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats

5 Artists Whose Lyrics Are Better Than Their Music

Apr 2014 17:11PM EDT

When talking about his songwriting, Kurt Cobain was once said “music comes first and lyrics come second.” Most songwriters and music fans place the importance of a song’s music over its lyrical content, but there are some singers whose lyrics are actually the best parts of their songs. Here are five artists whose lyrics are better than their music.READ MORE

The Black Keys rocking out

The Black Keys, St. Vincent to Round Out 'SNL' Season 39 as Musical Guests

Apr 2014 16:55PM EDT

Saturday Night Live is continuing its season 39 love affair with rock 'n' roll. Today (April 23), it was announced that The Black Keys and St. Vincent will be the musical guests for the final episodes of the 2013-2014 season.READ MORE

Blur - "Parklife" single

7 Great Songs with Spoken Word Lyrics

Apr 2014 14:46PM EDT

There are countless lyrics that sound totally idiotic when spoken instead of sung, but sometimes a songwriter will come up with some lyrics that can’t really be pinned onto to a melody. Here are seven great songs with spoken word lyrics.READ MORE

Frozen: "If by 'ice,' you mean 2.3 times platinum...then yes."

Frozen Sells Most Copies Yet, Topping Billboard 200 for 11th Week

Apr 2014 13:23PM EDT

It's finally warming up in our little corner of New York, but the album sales climate remains Frozen.READ MORE

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Ready to Die" (1994)

7 Classic Albums That Are Way Too Long

Apr 2014 12:57PM EDT

An album should ideally be no longer than 50 minutes, but artists regularly push this boundary and give us albums that are well over an hour long. There are some instances where this works (somehow, all two hours of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is worth hearing), but most of the time, these albums are simply too long. Here are seven classic albums that should have been much shorter.READ MORE

Creedence Clearwater Revival

6 Artists Whose Sound Doesn't Match The Place They Came From

Apr 2014 17:09PM EDT

With many artists, there’s absolutely no mystery as to where they hail from. The Beach Boys are quite obviously from Southern California, and Bruce Springsteen has made a career out of being a New Jersey native (at least, he might be). These six artists, however, sound as if they came from one place, but are actually from somewhere else entirely.READ MORE

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who

Six Lead Vocalists Who Don't Write Their Own Lyrics

Apr 2014 15:47PM EDT

It's totally reasonable to assume that each member of a band writes his or her own parts: the guitarist writes the guitar parts, the bassist writes bass lines, and the vocalist writes the lyrics. However, there are some rare cases where someone in the band other than the vocalist writes the lyrics. Here are six examples of bands whose vocalists don't write their own lyrics.READ MORE

Mott the Hoople - "All the Young Dudes" (1972)

Six Famous Songs Written by People Outside the Band

Apr 2014 12:25PM EDT

It's well known that many famous musicians don't actually write their own songs, but sometimes, even musicians who do write their own stuff are given songs by other songwriters. Here are six famous songs that were written with outside help.READ MORE

Pulp - "His 'n' Hers" (1994)

8 Albums Missing from Rolling Stone's Best of '94

Apr 2014 21:19PM EDT

Rolling Stone recently wrote a list of the 40 best alternative albums of 1994, and while they included a ton of excellent albums (Parklife, Weezer’s Blue Album, Dookie), I also noticed that a ton of classics were missing as well (and replaced by Korn and Bush, for some reason). Here are eight great albums from 1994 that Rolling Stone must have simply forgotten to add to their list.READ MORE

Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Fugazi

6 Artists Whose Second Band Was Superior

Apr 2014 19:06PM EDT

When a musician is kicked out of a high-profile band, or if that band breaks up, they can usually be expected to start another band soon afterwards. While these bands are rarely better than the old ones (see: Wings, Big Audio Dynamite), sometimes the new band is actually better. Here are six artists whose second band was better than their first.READ MORE

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