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Carl Barat

Carl Barat and the Jackals 2015 Tour: Libertines Singer Announces New Dates

Buzz Dec 2014 02:13AM EDT

The Libertines are back from a 10-year hiatus, but frontman Carl Barat also has another big project he's working on: The Jackals, featuring four musicians he hand-picked from thousands of applicants.READ MORE

Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears 2015 Tour: Group Announces New Dates [FULL SCHEDULE]

Buzz Dec 2014 02:11AM EDT

South Dakota rockers Paradise Fears will be headlining a North American tour in 2015, according to a recent press release from the band.READ MORE

Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Explain Cancelled International Tour Dates

Genres Dec 2014 02:08AM EDT

As reported on Friday, Julian Casablancas + The Voidz were forced to cancel Australian and Asian tour dates due to "logical circumstances."READ MORE

Paul Stanley

KISS’ Paul Stanley Calls Led Zeppelin Debut a ‘Disaster,’ but ‘Brilliant’

Buzz Dec 2014 02:05AM EDT

The knock on this generation's music is usually technology-based. Contemporary artists and producers have the ability to program perfect songs, and they do. But that philosophy is not very "rock n' roll," and it's incited many a geezer-y diatribe this year.READ MORE

Coachella 2014

Coachella Releases 2014 Aftermovie Starring Ellie Goulding, Empire Of The Sun, Pharrell and More [WATCH]

Buzz Dec 2014 02:01AM EDT

The theme of the winter has been festival after movies. The dance world has already sent out its theatric volleys and now Coachella is matching with its own six minute piece without any fanfare or announcement. Situated to The Family Crest's "Beneath The Brine," Coachella crafts a unique aftermovie with plenty of interesting effects and well put together editing techniques. The film, directed by Joe Slavin, does not simply deliver clip after clip of run of the mill festival footage, but instead focuses on the editing and effects, using time lapses and slow-motion shots to bring out the emotion and character of the artists and attendees of the festival.READ MORE

Kate Bush -

8 Great Winter Songs (That Aren't About Christmas)

Buzz Dec 2014 01:59AM EDT

It's the middle of December, which means you're probably sick of all the non-stop Christmas music you've been forced to hear for the past few weeks. If you want to take a break from the holiday tunes, but still enjoy their wintery spirit, try checking out these eight songs instead. Happy winter solstice!READ MORE

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson Shares ‘Deep Six’ Music Video, Bart Hess Directs Clip for ‘The Pale Emperor Single [WATCH]

Buzz Dec 2014 19:37PM EDT

Marilyn Manson likes to make you feel uncomfortable with his music and videos. He recruited surrealist artist, Bart Hess, for his new music video for "Deep Six," the second single off the shock rocker's upcoming album, 'The Pale Emperor.' The focal point of the video is a black tube that devours bodies and even sports Manson's devilish face for awhile.READ MORE

North Korea and 'Hackers': Revisiting Some of The Film's More Obscure Electronic Music Contributors

Buzz Dec 2014 02:11AM EDT

Hackers and films are getting a lot of attention thanks to North Korea...but how about the film 'Hackers' and how its influential soundtrack introduced many to the sounds of electronic music?READ MORE

The Smith Westerns

Smith Westerns are Officially Broken Up: 'It Sprang Up on All of Us'

Buzz Dec 2014 22:37PM EDT

Smith Westerns all attended the same elite Chicago high school, and rose to indie fame together at the turn of the decade. But the tour grind appears to have driven the group apart and now they are officially broken up.READ MORE

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page Says New Music Will Be 'Surprising': Led Zeppelin Guitarist Continues to Tease Album and Tour

Buzz Dec 2014 17:49PM EDT

Jimmy Page has been talking up his new solo work recently, and it sounds like the finished product will be worth the wait. In a conversation with Classic Rock magazine, the Led Zeppelin guitarist promised that the new material "will be surprising." Jimmy, we'll take anything at this point. We haven't heard your solo stuff since 1988's 'Outrider.'READ MORE

Foo Fighters at

Italian City Attempting to Get Foo Fighters Tour Stop with 1000-Person Cover of "Learn to Fly" [WATCH]

Buzz Dec 2014 17:20PM EDT

If you wanted to bring Foo Fighters to your Italian town, what would you do? If your answer was, "make a bizarre promotional video, gather 1000 friends and create the world's biggest cover band," well, you and the city of Cesena, Italy, have a little something in common.READ MORE

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters Perform "I Am a River" from 'Sonic Highways' on The Tonight Show with a Full String Orchestra [WATCH]

Buzz Dec 2014 16:44PM EDT

We all can agree that the last few months were marked by Foo Fighters overload. They released their eighth studio effort, 'Sonic Highways,' in November while the companion HBO series was already underway. Dave Grohl and Co. jammed for an entire week on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and, just last night (Dec. 18), they joined Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" for a thumping rendition of "I Am a River."READ MORE

5 Seconds of Summer at the People Magazine Awards

WATCH: 5 Seconds Of Summer Perform "What I Like About You" at People Magazine Awards 2014 [VIDEO]

Buzz Dec 2014 12:41PM EDT

Last night (Dec. 18), PEOPLE broke into new territory by airing the first-ever People Magazine Awards on NBC. And like any new award show, in addition to giving out trophies to the likes of Kate Hudson, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston, the event had to have a few musical guests. And everyone's favorite pop-punk boy band 5 Seconds of Summer were on hand to provide the entertainment. In continued promotion of its new album LIVESOS, 5SOS performed its cover of "What I Like About You" with plenty of attitude.READ MORE

What you're favorite musicians looked like during high school...Hint: nothing like this.

Musicians, Like Us, Had Terrible High School Photos: Check Out Eminem, Avril Lavigne and Kesha, Way Back When

Buzz Dec 2014 12:39PM EDT

We don't want to comment on the issues of freedom of speech or what merits good taste in school photos. Instead, let's focus on totally awesome high school yearbook photos from our favorite musicians.READ MORE

Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never 2015 Tour: 'Harmony' Band To Headline Winter Shows

Buzz Dec 2014 12:20PM EDT

Christofer Drew was not as prolific in 2014 as he would've liked. In fact, the Never Shout Never mastermind didn't produce a single music release this year. Thankfully, he says he has two records on tap for 2015.READ MORE

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