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Maroon 5 at album release party

Maroon 5 Tour 2015: 'Maps' Band Announces Massive International Live Trek on New Album 'V' Release Date

Sep 2014 09:55AM EDT

Today (Sept. 2) marks a huge day for Maroon 5 and its fans. Not only did the "Maps" band release its new album V, but as teased yesterday on The Today Show, Maroon 5 announced a massive international tour in support of the record.READ MORE

Thom Yorke

Radiohead Update PolyFauna App, Set To Record 'The King Of Limbs' Follow-Up This Month

Sep 2014 18:02PM EDT

Originally published this past February, the app received an update that includes previously unheard music featuring Yorke.READ MORE


Prince Releases Two New Songs: 'U KNOW' And 'WHITECAPS' [LISTEN]

Sep 2014 16:32PM EDT

Prince released two new songs — one each from the two albums he plans to drop on Sept. 29 — to the masses on Monday.READ MORE

Ryan Adams

Stream Ryan Adams' Self-Titled New Album Before September 9 Release Date

Sep 2014 10:59AM EDT

Ryan Adams has created massive amounts of buzz leading up to the release of his new, self-titled album, with the release of his stellar singles "Gimme Something Good" and "My Wrecking Ball." After dropping the two throwback tracks, his new album Ryan Adams is available to stream ahead of its Sept. 9 release date.READ MORE

It Was Written

8 Artists Who Basically Used The Same Album Cover Twice

Sep 2014 10:49AM EDT

Trying to come up with a captivating album cover is pretty difficult work, so some artists have cheated a little bit by basically reusing their album cover concepts, sometimes even three or four times Here are eight artists who basically used the same album cover twice.READ MORE

Maroon 5 on "Today" on Sept. 1, 2014

WATCH: Maroon 5 Perform 'Maps,' 'One More Night' on 'Today', Adam Levine Teases 'Majorly Large' Tour 2014

Sep 2014 10:37AM EDT

It's about to be the fall of Maroon 5. Tomorrow (Sept. 2), the "Maps" band will release its new album V, and leading up to the release, today (Sept. 2), Adam Levine and co. performed a three-song mini-set in New York City for The Today Show.READ MORE

The Beatles

8 Band Names Inspired By Other Artist's Names

Aug 2014 17:01PM EDT

Coming up with a bandname is one of the most important and difficult steps of forming a band. While some artists like to take their names from a song by another artist, such as Radiohead (A Talking Heads song) or Pretty Girls Make Graves (a Smiths song), other artists have found inspiration in the actual names of other artists. Here are eight band names that were inspired by the names of other artists.READ MORE

Rivers Cuomo

Weezer: 'Being Locked Up With Our Fans' On Cruises Inspired New Album

Aug 2014 14:25PM EDT

Weezer's debut single from their fall release Everything Will Be Alright In The End is titled "Back To The Shack," but when the band needs to come up with new material in the future, they're probably heading "Back To The Ship."READ MORE

Frank Zappa - "Freak Out!" (1966)

6 Artists Who Debuted With Double Albums

Aug 2014 13:34PM EDT

Double albums are often seen as exercises in self-indulgence, so the only time an artist can usually get away with releasing one is well into their career, such as the Beatles' "White Album" or Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti. However, there have been some artists who where so confident in themselves that they chose to release double albums right off the bat. Here are six artists who debuted with double albums.READ MORE

Craig Nicholls

Vines Frontman Craig Nicholls: 'I Hardly See Anyone, Ever'

Aug 2014 13:33PM EDT

Three band members — Ryan Griffiths, Brad Heald and Hamish Rosser — have departed since their breakout 2004 album, Winning Days, and Nicholls has been tackling new music with the help of Lachlan West and Tim John.READ MORE

Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan Doesn't Actually Fan's Dream Setlist At Ravinia Festival

Aug 2014 13:31PM EDT

It's probably fair to say that Billy Corgan's latest vanity project — a contest in which approximately 1,000 fans carefully selected a Corgan-centric setlist — was a tad misleading.READ MORE

Deadmau5 and his now for-sale Ferrari.

Celebrities and Their Cars: The Famous Vehicles of Elvis Presley, Jay Z, Birdman and More

Aug 2014 13:27PM EDT

Deadmau5 is selling his famous 'Purrari.' Here's a list of other famous vehicles associated with their owners, ordered roughly by price paid.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

8 Songs About Working (Or Hating Your Job)

Aug 2014 11:37AM EDT

If there's one thing that most rock fans can relate to, it's despising your job (or in some cases, not even having a job). In celebration of Labor Day tomorrow, here are eight songs about how tough and irritating most jobs can be.READ MORE

Kanye West

Made In America Day 2 Live Stream: Watch Kanye West, Kings of Leon, John Mayer And More

Aug 2014 11:35AM EDT

Jay Z's Made In America Festival finishes up on Sunday in two locations: Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Kanye West flew across the country to play L.A. after headlining Saturday night's Philly show.READ MORE

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire Reflektor Tour Recap: 68 Different Songs, Including 36 Covers

Aug 2014 11:34AM EDT

The band's Reflektor tour finally wrapped up on Saturday night in Montreal, where they continued their tour-long tradition of playing music made by hometown artists.READ MORE

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