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Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath lost his finger tips...and not just because it was dark.

5 Musicians Who've Lost Fingers in Brutal Fashion, in Homage to Jose Canseco: Tony Iommi, Jerry Garcia and More

Buzz 18:25PM EDT

Jose Canseco isn't the only person who's lost a digit under bizarre circumstances. Check out five musicians who have lost fingers and still continued on to have excellent careers.READ MORE

Acker Bilk (center)

Acker Bilk's Greatest Hits: "Stranger on The Shore," "Aria," "Summer Set" and More

Buzz 20:11PM EDT

You might not be familiar with his work but it's never too late. Five of Acker Bilk's tracks reached the Top 10 in the UK. Check them out below:READ MORE

Acker Bilk (center)

Acker Bilk, Clarinet Player behind Chart-Topping "Stranger on The Shore," Dies at Age 85

Buzz 09:59AM EDT

Acker Bilk, one of the more overlooked figures in jazz history (at least stateside), passed away at the age of 85 from natural causes. His personal manager, Pamela Frances Sutton, said that "age had just caught up with him." Bilk is hailed, particularly in the UK, as a leading figure in the revival of traditional jazz, a role for which he was awarded the Most Excellent Order of The British Empire during 2001.READ MORE

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