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Is Avril Lavigne Gearing Up For A Comeback In 2018?

Buzz 09:30AM EDT

Avril Lavigne is scheduled to release her sixth studio album under BMG sometime this year. The 'Hello Kitty' singer shared a photo of herself working at the studio a few days ago.READ MORE

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Avril Lavigne Dismisses Rehab Rumors: 'Hello Kitty' Singer Wishes Fans a Merry Christmas

Buzz 12:25PM EDT

Rumors have been swirling recently about the health of Avril Lavigne and the supposed rehab stint she was undertaking. The "Hello Kitty" singer took to Twitter last night, Dec. 23, to let her fans know she was not in rehab and to wish them a Merry Christmas, via "Billboard." Rumors have persisted on social media and fan forums about Avril Lavigne's health problems and she has responded. The rehab RUMORS are hilarious! The only thing I'm addicted to right now is Bing Crosby. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! and to all a goodnight! — Avril Lavigne (@AvrilLavigne) December 24, 2014 The speculation stems from an undisclosed illness that Avril Lavigne has been suffering from, which she revealed in a DM to a fan account on Twitter. There had been rumors swirling about a possible pregnancy, leading her to be largely absent from the public eye, but she cleared up — sort of — why she has been distant as of late.READ MORE

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Will a Band-Aid Baby Save Avril Lavigne's Marriage to Chad Kroeger?

Off-Key 15:51PM EDT

It has been a while since we last talked about Avril Lavigne's marriage to Chad Kroeger, hasn't it? The musical couple celebrated their first anniversary last July, but then almost immediately things seemed to go downhill for the couple. Lavigne's latest studio album was deemed a flop and she reportedly blamed Kroeger because he produced her on it. It seems getting past that resentment is proving difficult for Lavigne, and sources say the couple still has not found themselves on better footing yet. According to a report from E! News: "Avril's friends are encouraging her to try and work it out. They don't like Chad, but she's already been through one painful divorce and they don't want to see her going through another unless there's no other option. Also, she and Chad haven't been married that long so her friends want her to make sure she's given it every chance before pulling the plug. Her career isn't in the best place and she's trying to figure out what she wants for her future. She's trying to write music and she paints, but her life is in limbo. Motherhood is something she really wants for herself. So this thing with Chad, it's going to go one of two ways. Either they're going to get rid of each other or there's a shot they might try to have a baby to save the marriage. My bet is they end up splitting." Uh-oh — a band-aid baby to try and save a relationship usually seems to have the opposite effect on a couple. We have heard about so many celebrity couples that thought that maybe things would improve if they started a family, but in the end it just gives them one more thing to disagree on: parenting.READ MORE

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