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5 Best Songs From The Clash's 'London Calling'

Buzz 10:37AM EDT

Today, Dec. 14, marks the 35th anniversary of the Clash's legendary third album London Calling, which saw the band expand upon their punk roots by venturing into many different styles, including reggae, jazz, ska, and rockabilly, among others. The album was the crowning achievement of the British punk movement, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest albums of all time in any genre, so to celebrate its anniversary, here are its five best songs.READ MORE

The Clash -

6 Bands Who's Final Album Was Its Worst: The Clash, Led Zeppelin and more

Exclusives 14:15PM EDT

When R.E.M. released its critically panned 2004 album Around the Sun, the band considered breaking up, but realized that they couldn’t end their career on such a failure, which prompted them to release two acclaimed albums before calling it a day in 2012. That was R.E.M., though. Not every band is able to control its legacy so gracefully. Here are six bands that broke up after their weakest albums.READ MORE

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