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Former Civil Wars Singer Joy Williams Annouces Solo Album, Shares Lead Single [LISTEN]

Buzz 14:17PM EDT

The indie world was crushed in August when The Civil Wars disbanded. The news came a few years after the duo of John Paul White and Joy Williams went on hiatus, making the breakup official and killing hopes of a new album. It may not be The Civil Wars, but Williams has announced a new solo effort titled 'Venus' that will drop this summer. She shared the lead single, "Woman (Oh Mama)," as well.READ MORE

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams Inspired By Beyoncé, Talks Other Strong Female Influences

Buzz 20:14PM EDT

Hayley Williams is one of few women in the contemporary rock genre who can claim national prominence. Much of that is due to Paramore's recent pop hit "Ain't It Fun," but Williams and pals have been slowly building an impressive discography and ravenous following since 2004.READ MORE

The Civil Wars Minus John Paul White = Joy Williams - Part III

Genres 00:57AM EDT

Joy Williams started off as a Christian artist in 2001. In 2009, she teamed up with John Paul White to form The Civil Wars. Now she's back with a new solo project.READ MORE

The Civil Wars' John Paul White apologizes after Grammy acceptance speech after omitting Joy Williams

Genres 21:12PM EDT

Even though folk-country duo The Civil Wars may not be a band anymore, that doesn't mean John Paul White and Joy Williams have stopped racking up awards. In 2013, The Civil Wars released its second (and likely final) eponymous album, spawning several highly regarded singles. Last night (Jan. 26), that album spawned "From The Valley," for which White and Williams won their fourth Grammy award, but the golden gramophone has not come without some drama.READ MORE

The Civil Wars

ALBUM REVIEW: The Civil Wars, 'The Civil Wars:' 'The One That Got Away' Band's Breakup Hard to Separate From Emotionally-Charged Second Record [VIDEO]

Reviews 22:47PM EDT

There was a lot of tension when The Civil Wars recorded its second self-titled album. The pain, anger and rifts that occurred between band members Joy Williams and John Paul White are hard to ignore when reviewing "The Civil Wars"... READ MORE

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