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"Bound 3" with Seth Rogen and James Franco

James Franco, Seth Rogen Reveal Kanye West's Reaction to Their 'Bound 2' Parody

10:22AM EDT

James Franco and Seth Rogen, who released a shot-for-shot parody of "Bound 2" while on the set of their new movie "The Interview" are opening up about West's reaction to their parody/tribute in a new interview.READ MORE

Kanye West and Common (circa 2007)

Kanye Wests Joins Common as 'Surprise' Guest at AAHH! Fest; De La Soul, Lupe Fiasco and Jennifer Hudson Also Perform

10:20AM EDT

Chicago is a land of many music festivals, so Common knew that he had to bring it for AAHH! Fest to make sure that the event could continue for another year. He brought it in the form of a *surprise* musical guest that everyone saw coming: Kanye West.READ MORE

Kanye West

7 Artists Who Switched Their Genre For One Album: Kanye West, George Harrison, And More

17:32PM EDT

Being a musician is a dream job for many, but it can get pretty frustrating and unfulfilling to keep releasing albums that all sound alike, which is why some artists choose to briefly venture into other genres occasionally. Here are seven artists who switched genres for one album.READ MORE

Kendall Jenner - Getty Images

Kendall Jenner Follows Kim Kardashian's Lead To Fame By posting Naked Photos Of Herself

10:34AM EDT

Have you noticed that Kendall Jenner seems to be more than following Kim Kardashian's attention-grabbing lead? While the 18-year old takes very public steps to try and separate herself from the rest of the family, made famous by reality television, she certainly pays attention to what works for Kim. Kanye West's new wife recently grab headlines for a fully naked photo spread in the British edition of GQ Magazine and Kendall decided to release another nude selfie on Instagram. It almost makes sense that she is doing things similar to Kim but in a much m,ore low key kind of way.READ MORE

Kanye West

Disabled Writer Pens Open Letter To Kanye West Following Handicapped Fan Incident In Australia

18:10PM EDT

During a recent performance in Sydney, Australia, Kanye West earned the side eye after pointing out two handicapped concertgoers who did not stand on request. A disabled writer has penned an open letter to the "Bound 2" rapper.READ MORE


Kanye West Reportedly Heading To The Studio With Lorde

16:34PM EDT

Lorde made her affinity for Kanye West public recently by covering two of the rapper's songs in concert, and now, Yeezus will reportedly be joining the young songstress in the studio soon.READ MORE

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey in 2004

Nick Jonas' "Jealous" and 9 Other Music Videos with Real Life Couples

17:40PM EDT

Even if their love couldn't last forever, these music videos certainly will. Check out the nine most iconic real relationships depicted in music videos below:READ MORE

Kim Kardashian on Husband Kanye West's Yeezus Tour

Kim Kardashian-West Responds To Husband Kanye's Australian Concert Wheelchair-Gate: "The Media Twists Things"

10:31AM EDT

After Kanye West's wheelchair-gate, his wife Kim Kardashian-West has remained by his side to defend him against media reports. As MTV points out, the reality star took to Instagram yesterday to post her thoughts on what went down on the Brisbane, Australia stop of her husband's Yeezus Tour. She claims the fan footage that surfaced on the Internet clears 'Ye, who was accused of insensitivity for allegedly asking handicapped fans to stand during his concert, of any wrongdoing in the incident.READ MORE

Kanye West

Kanye West Asks Media To Pick Another Target During Rant At Brisbane 'Yeezus' Tour Stop

16:46PM EDT

What is a Kanye West show without a rant of some kind? Nearly every stop on his Yeezus Tour has given his fans not just a great performance, but also a sound bite to discuss the next day. After coming under fire for demanding that a wheelchair-bound concert goer rise from their seat at his Sydney, Australia show, Kanye was looking for a bit of understanding at his Brisbane tour stop. This time out he ranted for a full five minutes about his very favorite topic- the media- saying,READ MORE

Axl Rose is not a Cardinals fan.

Kanye West and Crowd Banter Gone Bad: Featuring Axl Rose, A$AP Rocky and...Barbara Streisand?

15:45PM EDT

Most fan interaction from stage is a good thing...outside of Kanye West's recent complaint about handicapped concertgoers. Bands prostrate themselves before their fans ("You're the best crowd we've ever seen! Really!") and toss out guitar picks and other innocent and grateful displays. But occasionally performers are less than pleased with those in the audience.READ MORE

Kanye West

Footage Of Kanye West Harassing Handicapped Fans In Australia Hits The Net [WATCH]

14:10PM EDT

Word on web is Kanye West harassed a pair of handicapped fans during a performance in Australia and footage from the incident has hit the net.READ MORE

Lorde performs at LAVA Lucky 13 Party At TAO Downtown

Lorde Covers Kanye West's "Flashing Lights", Bon Iver's "Heavenly Father" on U.S. Tour [WATCH]

09:55AM EDT

Lorde has embarked on her major headlining North American tour, and she's doing so with a little Kanye West and Bon Iver in the mix. During her tour kickoff on Sept. 5 in Philadelphia, the "Tennis Court" singer added covers of "Flashing Lights" and "Heavenly Father" into her setlist.READ MORE

Big Sean

Big Sean Clarifies Roc Nation Deal, Says Leaving Kanye West Would Be The 'Dumbest Thing Ever'

18:28PM EDT

Folks seem to think Big Sean's new Roc Nation deal means he ditched Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music but the Detroit rapper recently took a moment to clarify the situation.READ MORE

Kanye West

Kanye West Stops Australia Show To Harass Handicapped Fans

12:49PM EDT

Wednesday, he implored everyone to stand up "unless y'all sitting down because y'all handicapped," according to the Daily Mail. Then, Saturday night, he stopped in the middle of his set to get everybody out of their seats once again.READ MORE

Big Sean

Big Sean Releases New Music To Celebrate Signing With Roc Nation [LISTEN]

15:11PM EDT

As promised, Big Sean dropped some new music. On Thursday, Roc Nation announced Sean officially joined the team and the Detroit rapper celebrated the announcement by revealing he would drop a new song.READ MORE

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