Lecrae and Andy Mineo

4 Most Popular Christian Hip-Hop Artists Who Rap About Their Faith

Exclusives 20:57PM EDT

Get to know more of the hip-hop/rap artists, Lecrae, NF, KB & Andy Mineo dominating the Christian music community.READ MORE

Family Force 5 - Time Stands Still

Family Force 5's "Time Stands Still" Shows a Band that IS NOT Standing Still at All

Reviews 14:45PM EDT

With Solomon Olds (SoulGlow Activatur) no longer being on the mic, the sound is new - yet familiar. While Jacob Olds (Crouton) and Josh Olds (Fatty) have their own sounds and textures, the new music still sounds like FF5. The sense of playfulness is there, but there is new purpose that shows the world that the band isn't standing still, trying to figure out where to go next.READ MORE


Rap Your Way Through Summer with Reach Records

Genres 13:42PM EDT

Reach Records is the biggest Christian rap label out there and this summer, their artists will be all over the U.S. and Canada, spreading the Good News.READ MORE

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