February 22, 2018 / 3:44 PM

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Lyric Video

The 'Starry Night' Lyric Video Of Jessica Takes Her Fans To A Ride With Her On Memory Lane

Jessica Jung, the American singer, songwriter, and businesswoman based in South Korea has a special treat for fans in celebration of her 10th debut anniversary. The lyric video for her single "Starry Night" was recently released as she calls on to ...

Pitbull, Ke$ha release 'Timber' Lyric Video: Miami skyline, whiskey shots highlighted in clip [WATCH]

It's gone down. Pitbull and Ke$ha have officially released the lyric video for their collaboration track, the country-twinged dance song "Timber."

Demi Lovato reveals 'Neon Lights' Single Artwork, Lyric Video: third 'Demi' single gets bright visuals ahead of 2014 tour [WATCH]

Things are looking bright for Demi Lovato. Today (Nov. 6), the lyric video for her third Demi single "Neon Lights" debuted on YouTube, and the gorgeous X Factor judge also revealed the single artwork for the upbeat track.

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