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Has Rosie Perez Been Fired from 'The View'?

Off-Key 12:34PM EDT

Rumor has it that Rosie Perez is already out at ABC's "The View" after only four months. The actress joined the roundtable discussion last fall and has not been the best fit. Aside from many on-camera flubs she has reportedly had a hard time handling all the vicious fighting between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell. Perez was scheduled to take the month of January off to star in Broadway's "Fish in the Dark" and we are hearing that it is unlikely she will be returning to the chatfest. We told you yesterday that ABC is considering killing off "The View" altogether after this season and replacing it with an additional hour of "Good Morning America." A source told FOX411 that the revolving door of hosts is only a detriment at this point. "You can't keep hiring and firing, trying to save a sinking ship There is no leadership on the show. It's the news division that pays for 'The View,' so the debate now is whether the show is iconic enough to pour money into revamping, or do away with altogether. At this stage, the feeling is that it's pretty much done. They may test a remodeled version for one more season, but that would require work and top brass aren't sure that it is worth it," said the source.READ MORE

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Joan Rivers Surgeon Believed That Anesthesiologists During Endoscopic Procedures Are a Waste of Money

Off-Key 10:45AM EDT

Four months after Joan Rivers died after going into cardiac arrest during what should have been a simple endoscopic procedure, we are slowly but surely learning bits and pieces about the people who were in that procedure room with her. Dr. Lawrence Cohen was the surgeon on duty and also the medical director at the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic where Rivers was a patient. In 2012, Cohen wrote an article bemoaning the cost of having an anesthesiologist on duty for simply endoscopic procedures. According to TMZ, which dug up the piece written by Cohen, the good doctor was seemingly more worried about cost-effectiveness than anything else. Cohen writes, "Although we can all agree that [monitored anesthesia care] is a highly effective and safe method of sedation, the question is whether it is worth the extra cost to our health care system." Cohen then answers his question: "The answer is clearly no." Cohen crunches the number in his article, saying the average cost for an anesthesiologist is $400 per procedure, but the risk of death is 1 out of 100,000. Cohen therefore concludes that it costs $40 million to save one life, adding that cost "far exceeds ... an acceptable level of cost-effectiveness."READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers's Biggest Holiday Wish Is for Her Son to Laugh Again

Off-Key 10:53AM EDT

These last four months have no doubt been at times unbearable for Melissa Rivers and her son Cooper. The untimely death of Joan Rivers in early September has been a devastating blow for the tight-knit family, and while Melissa is starting to step out in public again, that does not mean things are back to normal either for her or Cooper. TMZ caught up with the late comedienne's daughter last week and asked her about her holiday wish, and Melissa said her fondest Christmas wish would be for her son to begin laughing again. While she said she believes 2015 will have great things in store for them, it seems it may be awhile before they are feeling somewhat back to normal. Even if Melissa and Cooper have adjusted to not having Joan as a prominent part of their daily lives, there is still a legal battle ahead. It seems many mistakes were made by the staff of the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic, from administering too much propofol to Joan to ignoring the fact that her vitals had dropped for an extended period of time, and Melissa has every intention of holding them accountable.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers is Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in Honor of Her Mother in NYC

Off-Key 08:51AM EDT

Melissa Rivers has been working hard to move on from the untimely death of her beloved mother, Joan Rivers, back in September. We now know that the circumstances surrounding the comedienne's death were likely due to mistakes made by the healthcare professionals that she was trusting, and that Melissa has already hired a bulldog law firm to insist on some level of legal accountability. This is one of Melissa's top priorities right now but she also realizes that life must go on so she's going to celebrate Thanksgiving exactly as Joan would have.READ MORE

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Dallas Hospital Made Mistakes in Treating Ebola Patients for Days Before CDC Changed Guidelines

Off-Key 10:56AM EDT

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas may be one of the best facilities in the country, but when it comes to treating Ebola patients, it now admits it dropped the ball, with deadly consequences. The facility's chief clinical officer Daniel Varga admitted in a Capitol Hill hearing that some of the precautions taken by hospital staff, such as wearing more layers of gear than the CDC, directed actually put the staff at risk.READ MORE

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