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Bob Dylan's Biggest Non-Newport Folk Festival Performances: Concert for Bangladesh, More

Buzz 16:40PM EDT

Fans and promoters at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island will spend the entire weekend celebrating the 50th anniversary of the occasion when Bob Dylan first took the stage with an electric guitar, thrilling some of the audience and alienating just as many, who felt betrayed by the folk icon taking a more rock 'n' roll approach to his genre. Given 50 years to think about it, and excellent albums such as Highway 61 Revisited as a result, the folks at Newport are feeling a bit more generous about what is now considered one of the most iconic live appearances of all time. It certainly goes down as the most momentous concert in Dylan's career, but don't think that he hasn't played a few other "big" shows in a career that stretches nearly 60 years. Here are a few other big live moments for The Bard.READ MORE

Kentucky: a sure thing?

Picking The Final Four and NCAA Championship by Music Alumni: Will Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin or Michigan State Win Out?

Buzz 17:04PM EDT

Music Times attempts to predict this weekend's Final Four basketball games and ultimately who will take the NCAA Championship game—Kentucky, Wisconsin, Duke or Michigan State—by checking out what famous musicians attended the respective colleges.READ MORE

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream Speech" and The Opening Acts: Mahalia Jackson, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and More

Buzz 16:11PM EDT

Go to any concert, any music festival, and there will be scores of opening acts. They serve to get the crowd warmed up, get the crowd ready to rock with the headliners at the end of the night. This same thing used to happen at political events: Sometimes other political figures aside from the "headliner" would give speeches of their own for the cause and often musicians with sympathizing views would perform as well. This same thing happened at the conclusion of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which culminated in Martin Luther King's famous "I Have A Dream" Speech. There was no doubt that King was the "headliner," but he had a heck of an opening set from a series of iconic musicians. Here's a list of the esteemed performers who played at the same podium as Dr. King that did.READ MORE

Dylanology: Coen Brothers' 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Revives Interest in Dave Van Ronk, the Real Mayor of MacDougal Street

Tour Journals 21:00PM EDT

Yesterday, Classicalite published my piece on the importance of staying relevant in our ever-changing world. As such thinking is wont to do, it met with a bit of criticism. Occasionally, yes, music and culture that begins outside the mainstream wedges a foot in the popular door--only to rip the damn thing off its hinges.READ MORE

'The Music Is You' album cover

Freaky Friday: My Morning Jacket covers John Denver's 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'

Daily Dish 13:55PM EDT

At Music Times, we love a good cover song. There's something wonderful about repurposing music and essentially bringing life to another creation. Music is not a rigid and inflexible product but rather a malleable one that allows songs to take on a new life as others reimagine it. Nothing gets a crowd more excited than seeing one of their favorite bands cover one of their favorite songs. The cover song makes music accessible to new audiences, and spreading music is what we are all about.
Welcome to Freak Friday. Each week we highlight a new cover song that we're crazy about. Have suggestions? Send them our way! This week, we give you...READ MORE

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