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Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox - Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston Reveals That Her 'Friends' Role Almost Went to Courteney Cox

Off-Key 19:21PM EDT

Can you imagine if another actress other than Jennifer Aniston had been cast as Rachel Green in Friends? Well, the actress was making the rounds at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Friday when she divulged that for a short while it looked as though the part was going to go to someone else.READ MORE

Jennifer Aniston - Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston's 'Cake' Shut Out of Independent Spirit Award Nominations

Off-Key 10:06AM EDT

This is supposed to be Jennifer Aniston's year. She decided to get really brave and un-pretty for her new role in Cake, in which she plays a depressed chronic pain sufferer. It is actually exactly the kind of part she needed to take in order to prove that she could portray someone other than a character similar to Rachel Green from "Friends" on the big screen. Aniston has won over audiences that have already seen her new indie flick — so much so that Oscar buzz has been swirling like crazy around her. That is why it comes as a semi-shock that Cake did not grab even a single nomination for the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards. The list of nominations was released yesterday, and Aniston was not in it. The Independent Spirit Awards nomination list is what technically kicks off awards season, and everything from this point on is just another step toward Oscar. Aniston, after months of Hollywood invisibility, has really been hitting the bricks to promote Cake. She has even shown up for various parties that are considered necessary to attend if you want the Academy to take you seriously.READ MORE

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Pop-Up Replica Of Central Perk Cafe Opens In NYC In Honor Of 'Friends' 20th Anniversary

News 17:24PM EDT

It has been more than 20 years since fans first caught a glimpse of that big orange couch in one of the opening scenes of Friends but it kind of feels like just last week that we last saw Ross Geller and Rachel Green together on camera, doesn't it? Maybe it's because the show still airs daily in syndication that it feels like the show has never really gone away and the fans seem to love that. It's not just that Friends was a show with great characters but it made us all kind of wish that we had a Central Perk coffeehouse to meet up at every night after a long work day. Finally the most diehard fans can walk into a pop up version of Central Perk for a limited time in NYC.READ MORE

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