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Thanksgiving Parody: Elementary Students Sing Garth Brooks's 'I Got Friends in Low Places' as 'I Hate Yams in All Places' [LISTEN]

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There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving parody. DJ Richie Philips at WGNA in Albany, New York, got some elementary school students to sing about their least favorite holiday dish: yams. The kicker? The song is titled "I Hate Yams in All Places" and it is set to the tune of a little ditty made famous by Garth Brooks called "I've Got Friends in Low Places," Taste of Country notes. "It's Thanksgiving Day, there's food that we hate / There's also some foods that we like," the children sing, trying to nail down the melody. "When it's all on my dish, and they serve me fish / I'd rather be out on my bike." The students really give it their all in the video below, and it all comes to a climax at the reworked chorus. "I hate yams in all places / I'd rather chew on my shoelaces / But it's only right to be polite / It's only right to tell my mother / Feed those yams to my brother," they sing.READ MORE

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