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Kanye West

Max Bemis Says Kanye West "Got It" After Listening to Say Anything

Buzz 11:01AM EDT

Say Anything are officially releasing their brand new surprise album 'I Don't Think It Is' today (Feb. 5), and during a new interview, frontman Max Bemis hinted that Kanye West liked the album and totally "got it."READ MORE

Say Anything

Say Anything Streams Surprise Album 'I Don't Think It Is' Ahead of Friday Release [LISTEN]

Buzz 11:03AM EDT

Yesterday (Feb. 3), Say Anything decided to stream a brand new surprise full-length album titled 'I Don't Think It Is' ahead of its Friday release and we've gathered the stream for your listening pleasure.READ MORE

Cameron Crowe in 2011

NBC Making TV Sequel To 'Say Anything' Unless Cameron Crowe, John Cusack Can Stop It

Trending News 16:25PM EDT

NBC announced that it would be bringing a follow-up series to the Cameron Crow-directed 1989 classic 'Say Anything' to the small screen yesterday (Oct. 6), which didn't sit well with the director or leading man John Cusack.READ MORE

Queen -

12 Songs That Are Closely Associated With Certain Movies: Queen, The Shins, And More

Exclusives 15:32PM EDT

Ever since The Graduate in 1967, filmmakers have often used pre-existing pop songs to score their movies, and sometimes these songs end up working so well that it's difficult to separate the song from the movie. Here are twelve songs that are closely associated with movies.READ MORE

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