January 19, 2018 / 6:20 PM

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YouTube's Geocoded Streaming Data Shows Different US State Favorite Artists

YouTube makes way to know how popular an artist is in a certain place or state. This recent survey has already made some surprising results but also some that are just expected.

YouTube Reveals Top 10 Most Viewed Christmas Videos: Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey Lead

All I Want For Christmas Is You under the Mistletoe. Alright I will see myself out.

300 Entertainment Founder, Lyor Cohen Joins YouTube As Global Head of Music

YouTube has taken a big step in what it hopes can push its music agenda forward. The Google owned company has hired 300 Entertainment founder and former CEO of Warner Music Group, Lyor Cohen as its Global Head of Music.

Soundcloud to Launch Paid Subscription Service After Signing Deal With Universal

Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube Music all launched music subscription services in 2015. Now Soundcloud is preparing the debut of its own paid service.

Friends Think Skrillex Isn’t a Real Musician? This Fan Video Will Prove Them Wrong [WATCH]

Every EDM fan has a few friends who think Skrillex isn't a real musician. To help fellow fans prove these self-proclaimed "music puritans" wrong, YouTube user BloodyFanGirl created a video showcasing Sonny Moore's talent as a musician that extends ...

5 YouTube Music App Features That Will Make You Want to Switch From Spotify

YouTube Red officially launched a couple weeks back and now users are getting a taste of one of its most game changing qualities -- YouTube Music, a new dedicated music streaming app.

YouTube Red Subscription Video Service Takes on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal

In the often talked about battle of music subscription services, three big players are most frequently talked about. ...

Watch Movies for Free Online with Paramount Vault YouTube Videos!

There are a number of subscription-based streaming services out there ranging from Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Hulu and more that allow consumers to pay a fee in order to watch movies whenever we want - but what about free online viewing? Thanks ...

Google Founder Eric Schmidt Calls Apple Music "Elitist" as Opposed to "Democratic"

In an op-ed for the BBC, Google founder and Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt had some harsh words directed at Apple Music's tactics to pursue human curated playlists, calling the approach "elitist" (as opposed to Google's own "Democratic" approach).

Music Has Been Streamed Over One Trillion Times In 2015

Streaming is the present and future of music consumption. Consumers, artists and industry observers will all agree on that point. There has been a growing number of data as to how ubiquitous the practice has become in the past few years, but the ...

Spotify Reportedly Entering Web Video Business — Competing with YouTube?

As streaming services become more and more ubiquitous across society, the more their moves will have an impact on the music industry and the tech world at large. Swedish streaming giant, Spotify, is reportedly plotting a move into the crowded web ...

DOJ Investigating Apple Pressuring Labels to End Free Spotify Streaming

If anyone isn't convinced that streaming is the next frontier of music, the developments behind the scenes occurring right now in 2015 should be enough to show them otherwise. Apple has been busy lately revamping Beats Music, the streaming arm of ...

Taylor Swift, Chinese Pianist Yundi Li Pair Up for New International Toyota Commercial

Taylor Swift may have been an international phenomenon before but she's now gained some new cred after a video on YouTube surfaced of Swift and the Chinese piano-playing sensation, Yundi Li.

SoundCloud Partnering With Zefr, YouTube's Copyright Enforcement Manager

SoundCloud has announced a new partnership with Zefr, a content tracking company that currently works with YouTube to help identify songs on the platform and better facilitate either takedowns or ads being run against it. This means Zefr is YouTube's ...

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