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Frankie Ballard (2014)

20th Anniversary BayFest Music Festival

Aug 2014 15:08PM EDT

On October 3, 2014, Mobile, Alabama will welcome an expected 200,000+ guests for the kick-off of the 3-day BayFest Music Festival.READ MORE


Beyonce, Jay-Z Kept Solange Far Away During VMAs Moment With Blue Ivy

Aug 2014 10:56AM EDT

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been hard at work repairing their image after several divorce rumours cropped up during their recent world tour.READ MORE


Mixtape Monday: This Week's Newest Tracks for Sharing

Aug 2014 14:15PM EDT

Each and every week we put together our favorite tracks that had premiered a few days prior into one magnificent mixtape to share with you and your friends. This time around we've decided to share new songs from Tennis, Blonde Redhead, Josef Salvat and more right here!READ MORE


Head of YouTube Music Steps Down

Jul 2014 22:55PM EDT

The head of YouTube Music recently stepped down further prolonging Google's plan to launch pay-subscription service.READ MORE

DJ Mustard

New Technology May Keep DJs Out Of Clubs

Jun 2014 09:28AM EDT

New technology allows DJs to play for the crowd from just about anywhere, even outside of the club.READ MORE

Kiah Victoria

Kiah Victoria Looks To Go Worldwide With Her Soulful Pop Blend... But First, New Music Seminar in NYC

Jun 2014 12:58PM EDT

You know the phrase "It's in your blood?" For some, that may seem like a hyperbolic excuse for a drive to do something great in the world, but for others, it's just the way it is... there's a constant need to perform, to spread your music and to try and be the biggest singer in the world. New Music Seminar Artist on the Verge Kiah Victoria is one such artist, and she's bound to be something huge.READ MORE

Jeremiah Shepherd

'Boom Box Guy' Leaving U of South Carolina

May 2014 14:55PM EDT

The University of South Carolina's 'Boom Box Guy' may be leaving the campus but after the encouraging words he left the students with, he will always be remembered.READ MORE

The Whistles & The Bells

From Cadillac Sky to The Whistles & the Bells, Bryan Simpson Is Back in Full Force

Mar 2014 12:08PM EDT

Fans of folk rockers Cadillac Sky were surprised in 2010 when Bryan left the stage in the midst of a tour that found them opening for Mumford and Sons and seemingly disappeared from music altogether. While it seemed sudden, the move had actually been building for two years and now, four years later, Simpson is back with a new chapter in his story.READ MORE

Apple is watching.

See Apple At SXSW For Free

Mar 2014 11:09AM EDT

Apple's iTunes Music Festival is next week and the brand recently made an exciting announcement. It's all going down in Austin as part of this year's South by Southwest (SXSW) music showcase.READ MORE

Up & Comin' 2014

Up & Comin' Music Contest

Feb 2014 20:03PM EDT

Are you a Country, Hip-Hop, Alternative, R&B, Rock or Pop complete artist, group or band who has what it takes to win $10,000? READ MORE


If You're a Musician, Chances Are You're Totally Undiscovered

Jan 2014 10:58AM EDT

If you're a musician looking to make it in the music industry, good luck. It's always been a well-known fact that one doesn't just become the next Katy Perry without a ton of hard work and even more pure luck and that most musicians are struggling to make it. However, a new study published by Next Big Sound has revealed that a shocking number of musicians aren't just developing or mid-sized, they're completely undiscovered. READ MORE

Justin Timberlake holding all the People's Choice Awards

People's Choice Awards Recap, Winners List

Jan 2014 23:22PM EDT

The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards took place Wednesday night (Jan. 8) in all its awkward, 2 Broke Girls hosted glory. Among a slew of TV show winners and Adam Sandler somehow winning Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, there were live musical performances and two whole awards dished out to pop's biggest acts.READ MORE

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

Best Viral Music Hits of 2013

Dec 2013 15:37PM EDT

There's no denying it: 2013 was the year of the viral video music hit. Billboard began incorporating YouTube hits and other streaming video services into its Hot 100 formula this year, leading to some bizarre smash hits. As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to remember the viral videos that had an impact on Internet culture, the charts and out hearts.READ MORE

Lil B, "05 F*ck Em" mixtape

Lil B Releases Epic, 101-Song Mixtape

Dec 2013 11:01AM EDT

If Beyoncé's surprise Dec. 13 album was one big, shocking release, she has nothing on indie rapper Lil B. The 24-year-old rapper, also known as The Based God, released "05 F--- Em" as a total surprise on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24).READ MORE


Ryan Book's Playlist of 2013: Lorde, Kanye, and Kvelertak

Dec 2013 13:14PM EDT

Music Times, like so many other music publications, was looking to publish a "Best of 2013" playlist. We met to discuss what such a playlist should include, and that's where we ran into trouble. We couldn't agree. Sometimes two of us just couldn't agree on whether the performer was amazing or terrible, and even when we agreed they were amazing, we couldn't agree on what track was most representative of their work. Hence it was decided that rather than try to agree (a seemingly impossible endeavor), everyone would get their own "favorites of 2013" playlist. We won't argue that these are neccesarily the best tracks of the last year, but they're definitely songs that caught our respective attention and caused us to hit 'repeat" over and over and over againREAD MORE

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