'Criminal Minds' Season 13: BAU Goes After Killer Drone & High Tech Master In Silicon Valley

By Tania Gutierrez | Sep 28, 2017 05:02 AM EDT

“Criminal Minds” Season 13 just premiered on Wednesday and it’s living up to all the hype it has gotten. This early, CBS has already released the title and synopsis for episode 3. “Killer App” will air on October 11 and from the title, viewers can expect that it’s going to be as exciting as the season’s first episode.

The episode will center on a potential killer drone and an UnSub who is basically a horrible high-tech puppet master. He has figured out a way to use technology to do his bidding according to Cartermatt. According to the synopsis of said “Criminal Minds” episode, the BAU will go to Silicon Valley to investigate a shooting committed by the state of the art drone.

Meanwhile, TV Guide revealed that Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will indeed be back as a full-pledged agent at the BAU in “ Criminal Minds” Season 13 but under certain conditions. He will be under probation as a result of his failure to report his secret trip to Mexico last season. His bosses at the BAU decided to put him in detention.

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EP Erica Messer confirmed that Reid will have to do some work as a consequence of his unannounced trip to Mexico. It was there, however, that Reid experienced his worst experience. He underwent all kinds of torture imaginable. Reid fought hard to survive and get out in order to save his mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Messer also revealed that there will be a mini time jump of a few weeks in between the first and second episodes of “Criminal Minds” Season 13. This is to allow everybody to breath after the “freight train” in the season premiere.

"The story just -- once it starts, you're along for this crazy ride. But at the end, we have to slow down, take a breath, re-adjust," Messer said. That means that when the second episode airs the week after, weeks have already passed story-wise.

There’s another reason, though, for the time jump and it is cosmetic in nature. The characters involved in the vehicle crash would have by then had their stitches removed, their bruises healed and nobody will be walking with a limp.

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