As regrettable as it may be, the tendency of modern society in the United States, as in most of the developed countries of the world, is such that divorce proceedings are becoming more commonplace and ordinary. Indeed, many sociologists who study this phenomenon come to the disappointing conclusion that the institution of marriage, as one of the fundamental foundations of modern society, has significantly depreciated over the past several decades.

Of course, each person may have different reasons for such serious and even in some way fateful decisions, and each case of divorce and termination of marriage is individual for each couple. The centuries-old experience of humankind convinces us that you can never trust even yourself one hundred percent. In fact, just a few people think about the fact that there may be some interconnections and patterns between the social characteristics of a married couple and their predisposition to early divorce.

Yes, there are probably no working algorithms that, in theory, could generate the conditions for an ideal marriage relationship between spouses. But still, there are some data and statuses that are important to pay attention to when assessing the prospects for relationships between people in a future family. And these are not astrological predictions or horoscopes at all, as you might think, but well-founded statistics and scientific research data. Sounds like conspiracy and pseudo-scientific nonsense? Let's try to figure it out with real examples!

Does the spouse's occupation really affect their family relationships?

Data scientists believe that there are still factors that affect the strength of the union in a married couple. Such factors include, for example, the profession and industry of employment of the spouses. Reputable statistic company Flowing Data conducted curious studies designed to discover connections and patterns between the likelihood of divorce and the spouses' sphere of activity. Thus, the statistics show which occupations can indirectly affect the possibility of divorce

The visualized research results are presented as marks of selected real cases from legal practice throughout the United States and determine the average value of registered divorces from 25 to 40 percent, depending on the field of the former spouses' professional activity. According to these studies, the highest average divorce rate is given to occupations such as transportation and material moving, office and administrative support, personal care, and protective services.

At the same time, representatives of professions in such spheres as architecture and engineering, life, physical and social science, military, computers, and mathematics have the lowest average divorce rate among those surveyed, totaling up to 30 percent. Based on its own data from implemented divorce cases, trusted divorce preparation web service confirms these statistics. In addition to this, the researchers named bartenders and managers of the gaming industry as leaders in the consolidated rating of confirmed divorce cases.

So what about musicians? Destruction of a myth or confirmation of a stereotype?

Everyone has heard the stereotypical idea of the infantilism and frivolity of people from the art world and their so-called "creative personalities" established in society. But is this really so, or does the mythical image of the musician's profession not reflect the true picture? In fact, according to the aforementioned statistical studies, professional musicians, in most cases, prove themselves to be excellent adherents of true family values. Overall, the average divorce rate among art and entertainment workers is around 33 percent. This is slightly higher than the average rate for healthcare, farming, forestry, education, and library workers.

However, this indicator is significantly less than that of, for example, lawyers, financiers, business analysts, trade, retail, and communications workers. In general, the average divorce rate among professional musicians in the United States is 27.7%. As you can see from the statistics, such figures hardly correspond to the ideas about the frivolity of creative people imposed by mass culture.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that there are different formats of musicians' activities in the professional environment. These differences also resonate in the personal and social life of individuals. Musicians who are full-time employees of philharmonic societies, symphony orchestras, concert halls, recording studios, and teachers in music schools and conservatories most often work under a contract, which implies binding to a specific location, institution, theater, or concert venue.

But there is another category of professional musicians. Namely - those who work in the entertainment industry or collaborate with constantly touring popular artists or music bands. Concert tours of music stars, whose team consists of session musicians, backup vocalists, sound engineers, stage workers, and many other employees, can last for months. And some tours even go outside of the United States to other continents.

Of course, constant moving, permanent stress, contrasting emotions associated with professional activities, performances on stage in front of large audiences, lengthy absences from home, and lack of communication with loved ones all have an extremely negative effect on the atmosphere within the family and relationship with spouses. Consequently, it is the cases of divorces among actively touring musicians that occur more often. These indicators, in some way, can spoil the general statistics among representatives of the profession.

Music stars who prove that married love can last for years

The global music industry also has many examples of strong marriages among music superstars, which are shining standards of marital longevity and love. Among such outstanding married couples, we can remember Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and his wife Patti Hansen, the wonderful couple of the great and terrible Black Sabbath band leader Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne, the pop superstar singer Beyonce and music producer and rap performer Jay-Z, world-renowned British songwriter and musician Sting and his spouse Trudie Styler, and many others.