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Tips To Improve Your Guitar Skills



Learning an instrument can seem like a very daunting process, at an expense that may seem simply out of your budget. This may be the case when hiring a tutor, classroom, and paying the music school you got them from a fee. However, those days have gone. This is no longer a requirement when learning an instrument.

Learning the guitar is what a lot of people can only dream of but now that can be your reality no matter what your age. Nowadays websites to learn guitar are on the internet at the touch of a few buttons, you can be learning guitar in your home in no time. With the comfort of your own home having music at your fingertips can improve the nature of your learning or lead into other avenues of music.

As people grow up they are normally influenced by one certain musician or songwriter. It may have been someone that your parents listened to, a big brother or sister may have taken you to a concert or it may have simply been one piece of music that stuck in your mind that will never be forgotten.

The influences that music has on you

Quite often music is not just something that you remember from the radio, charts or latest band you may love. Music goes a lot further than that, you may suddenly hear a piece of music and know that you love it, but you may not be able to place why. Then it will dawn on you that it's from a tv episode that you may have watched with your grandma ,or a computer game played as a teenager..

Believe it or not, your love of music will have more than likely stemmed from one certain thing in your life. Memories that you have from music can be some of the most special things you remember or some of the saddest. It may mean that your love of drums came from hearing someone like Ginger Baker, or your love of guitar coming from hearing Eric Clapton. It could be that a musician grew up near the home town you were born so they have been in your local newspaper growing up. 

While music used to be only heard on the radio, or on a music channel once a week times have changed dramatically. Music is no longer something that you have to save hard for, putting away hard-earned wages and pocket money has become a thing of the past. Music is available online, having access to music online or thousands of music channels to choose from, music is so widely available now it is in our lives daily.

The music industry and technology

There are many ways technology has helped the music industry develop, showing us things that you may not have thought possible, from how songs are written to background work that goes into setting up stages for concerts. The lists are endless. Tours are all over the world with the most famous artists being flown from one country to another in the space of a day. 

Festivals are everywhere and they are one of the most popular ways to view the band you love, some incorporating a camping trip into this while you can watch 8 bands live instead of one. Many famous artists bring an up and coming group to play before they headline. This not only gets the crowd pumped up for the gig they originally wanted to see, but it also gives the unknown band a chance of getting a following, showing them at the beginning of their careers.

Tickets for festivals are not always cheap so securing them as soon as they go online is the best way to get these. Making sure they are from a reputable company is the best way to do this. It avoids fake ticket sales and bumping up prices to make extra money from buying bulk tickets. The ticket selling business will be at its highest when tickets are hard to buy. With individuals purchasing lots of tickets then selling them at the last minute for a ridiculous profit.

Learning an instrument in all its glory

If you are considering learning a musical instrument then it is suggested that you pick one you are generally interested in or have a love for. Or improving the instrument you have chosen is not always as hard as it may first appear. 

  • Look for basic music
  • Pick music you want to learn
  • Know your instrument
  • Know your notes, keys, or cords
  • Practicing daily
  • Look at artists that you love and admire

When looking for music to improve your guitar playing skills, choosing music that you are into will not only keep you interested but will help when playing it. Recognizing the music in a song is beneficial when learning, as you will be able to hear if you are playing the correct notes. While you are getting better, hearing the improvement will push you to play further, making you want to perfect the song.

Looking online for simple help will move you forward, you will then be able to access songs that have been broken down, making it simpler for you to learn. Practice is the only way you will get better. Picking out the more basic of songs and then moving on to more difficult ones is the only way you will improve. 

Top artists who play the guitar

There are so many great artists that not only sing but know how to play instruments very well. For a few examples of this look below:

  • Ed Sheeran is not only known for his singing skills but his guitar skills are fantastic, Ed has a few instruments to his name that he learnt while growing up. It is with his guitar and his vocals that he first started finding success when he began at a very young age busking on the streets! His determination in doing so has certainly paid off.
  • Jimi Hendrix is one of the most famous guitar players in our history, Jimi was completely self taught and his first instrument was none other than a ukulele. Jimi Had many difficulties once he became famous but his love of music and the skills he possessed while playing were out of this world. With some people referring to him, "as the best guitar player of all time".
  • Believe it or not, the next person may surprise you. Prince, although most people only think of Prince for his vocals. He was one of the most talented musicians of all time, teaching himself the piano at the tiny age of 7, he went a step further by learning the guitar, as well as the drums.


Whether your love of music came from your grandmother or a favorite artist, your love of it will only grow when learning an instrument. Instruments can be one of the most calming hobbies to learn. Expression is important for your feelings and learning how to get these feelings out by using music is meant to be one of the most effective ways to do so.

Taking tips and advice from online forums and chat rooms is available. Look at your favorite artist to see if they have any beginner music sheets. Often famous guitar players will allow access to some of their music so make the most of these.

If you have purchased your instrument ten practice as much as you can. Being able to hear your progression will be music to your ears, even if to begin with no one else thinks so. Learning an instrument or improving while learning takes many skills but patience is one of the biggest of all. If you have patience you are already halfway there!

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