R. Kelly has reportedly promised his underage victim a taste of fame if he did what he wanted that night at the recording studio.

The 17-year-old boy was promised that he would become a star. However, that didn't happen to him.

Instead, the "Ignition" singer sexually abused him.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the alleged underage victim at the time, named John Doe # 1, has recently come forward to talk to investigators to speak his truth.

JD#1 told them how the "Laundromat" singer approached him in December 2006 at a local fast-food chain where R. Kelly invited him back to a party at his home in Chicago.

Though the victim went to the party, he brought along some of his family members, which irked the artist.

JD#1 was reportedly advised by Kelly to "come without them to the next gathering."

He then claimed that the R&B artist told him to come to the recording studio where he thought he would be helping and mentoring JD#1 "with his musical aspirations."

But while there, Kelly allegedly asked JD#1 what he was willing to do "to succeed in the music business" and clarified that he wanted the aspiring singer to "engage in sexual contact" with him.

Kelly and JD#1 reportedly had sexual intercourse.


Later on, it was revealed that John Doe # 1 recruited another person, named John Doe # 2, who was 17 years old at the time as well, so he could be someone Kelly could have sex with.

According to JD#2, R. Kelly started a sexual relationship with him years later.

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JD#1 told investigators that the disgraced singer required his girlfriends, including a female victim in the case, to have sex with JD#2 on command.

He further said that R. Kelly liked to film the encounters on his camera.

Prosecutors also said that he directed JD#1 and others to engage in sexual contact with each other while filming the entire thing.

Per the government, Robert Sylvester Kelly even paid JD#2 after their sexual encounter.

The alleged victims have recently turned their phone records to investigators as part of the case.

But it seems like Kelly doesn't want these new allegations becoming part of his upcoming trial.

His lawyers are reportedly doing everything to keep the male victims' testimony from the jurors.

Nicole Blank Becker spoke about the new allegations, claiming, "This is nothing more than a veiled effort to pile on to further shape the public's perception in this case, ignoring that Mr. Kelly is presumed innocent until proven otherwise."

R. Kelly is due for trial next week in Brooklyn, New York. If found guilty, he could face jail time and won't get out of there for decades.

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