In 2021, art is business, and business is art. To grow in either direction, one needs to build an audience that can appreciate and evolve together. Building relationships with one's audience is a subtle craft that is well-known to successful people, like artist and entrepreneur Ronnie Wray.

Founder of RNR, curator of musical experiences, and a beloved name in the industry, Ronnie Wray is well versed with the art of business. Ronnie's success is not a solo act, but the result of the relationships he has built with his audience and people around him.

Ronnie firmly believes that networking is the cornerstone of success. In the Social Age, where getting access to people has never been easier, it is easy to start conversations and build a rapport. These conversations open doors to opportunities that can help people evolve as business artists in various forms - as collaborations, as consumers, as well-wishers, and more. As someone who has built his enterprise around people, parties, and joy, Ronnie has experienced the power of relationships first-hand.

Networking helps build an identity and visibility - two of the primary drivers of success. It is an easy way of establishing a positive repute that all entrepreneurs and artists can implement, without the worry of capital or tools. Through virtual and physical connections, entrepreneurs can gain a deeper insight into the way people are responding to them, allowing them to grow in a more informed way. 

The benefits of good networking are limitless, and it has become an essential part of building a business. Ronnie Wray's success is a stellar example of this. With this valuable insight fresh in our minds, we are putting on our extrovert caps and going out to create success just like Ronnie, one conversation, and one person at a time.