When it comes to the rules of getting a tattoo there is only one rule and that is that there are no rules. You can get small and intricate ones that are only visible to you or in classic spots like arms or ankles. There are dainty spots like between your fingers or tucked beneath your hairline where you can get smaller tattoos. Whether you want to be bold and flash a visibly larger tattoo or get one that is not too obvious and can be covered up easily, there are so many options now that you can choose from. Here are 6 sweet spots where you can get a tattoo with all the information you would need.

Arms And Hands

Getting a tattoo on your arm may be hard to cover if you are into wearing strappy tops but can easily be covered up wearing a t-shirt. If you are looking at a tattoo placement with a larger design then you should consider getting it done on the back of your arm. It provides an ideal spot for making a statement and making sure the design is fully visible. Another ideal place to place a tattoo that you want everyone to see is on the edge of your hands. Getting a tattoo between your fingers is another adorable idea but you will have to choose a design that is small enough to fit there. The wrist is a classic favorite of many people especially for those who want a daily reminder of a memory every day. Tattoos on the bicep are a great place for placing symbols that help you to be strong and give you strength in difficult times.

Shoulder Bone

This is another beautiful place where you can have gentle designs inked. This spot can hurt a lot so be sure that you are prepared in advance. The shoulder arm joint has a minimal amount of pain involved when it comes to getting a tattoo. So if you would like to get one but are unnerved by the pain, this is your sweet spot.


This is a beautiful placement and it can be done in a way that it peeks out from behind your hair. If you have short hair then it can be harder to hide. Your skin tone will play a role in how the colors will reflect. Furthermore, over time, the colors will face even if it is black. Research and consult the tattoo artist to understand how you can prolong the colors of the tattoo on your skin. For this and many other reasons, choosing the right tattoo artist is very important. Check the portfolio of the artist and see the kind of work they have done before. The more versatile their portfolio the better choice they will be for you.

Legs And Feet

Foot and ankle tattoos are very popular as they not only look very cute but can be discreet. Upper thigh areas give you a perfect opportunity for a tattoo that only you or people you choose get to see. These are good spots for tattooing quotes that you would like to be a reminder for you every day. The part of your foot above your toes can be considered but as there are a lot of veins there with thin skin, you would have to be really strong-minded to get tattooed on that spot. It can send you howling with pain so make sure you speak to the tattoo artist about it in advance. While most parts of your leg are fine for getting a tattoo, if your pain tolerance level is low or medium, then steer away from getting a tattoo on the knee cap as well.

Back And Ribs

The rib area is best used for secretive tattoos that are easy to hide but yet scream with their delicate and pretty nature. If your tattoo design is thinner and longer then you can choose to have it on your upper back as it will look lovely streaming from the upper back down to the spine. The rib cage is another good option for larger designs. While the upper rib cage is a good spot, the lower rib cage can be painful to get. That is why you may rarely see people showing a tattoo on their lower rib cage.

Face And Head

While you must be careful before tattooing anything on your face or head there are minor intricate areas that you can consider. Getting a tattoo inside the ear can look really nice but keep in mind that it will be extremely painful as it is a sensitive area. You can even go for a tattoo behind the ear as it will give a delicate yet lovely look for intricate designs.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting The Tattoo

Of course, you should start with identifying the spot wherein you would like to be tattooed but do not just stop there. Pick a design that is right for you because if something goes wrong there you will have to be with it for the rest of your life. If it seems hard for you to decide on what you want, then consult with the tattoo artists. They probably have a lot of ideas and can help you to choose one. It is not only about the design but also the color of your tattoo. Some popular choices for tattoos are those that reflect realism, American traditional, traditional Japanese, and minimalism.

Hygiene on the part of the tattoo artist while getting your tattoo done as well as on your part of taking care of it after it is done will be very vital. An unhygienic place or needle can lead to severe reactions and infections. For this reason, always choose quality over price. Make sure you know all the steps and precautions you need to take after getting the tattoo so you do not face any infections.