To have a groundbreaking comeback, one has to experience a setback. Without dropping lower than ever before, you can never bounce back higher. More than physics, it is the law of life. It is nature's way of deciding that you were not what you were supposed to be, and that is why you've been given a better opportunity to prove yourself to the world.

The music composer, singer, songwriter, and social media sensation Jonathan Paul Smith is a shining example of a smashing comeback. In fact, his comeback made him an even greater star than he ever was, thanks to the universal platform social media offers every passion-driven person. His fame skyrocketed with his debut single "Times Will Change," making him an overnight star.

Jonathan's first experience with music was when a friend introduced him to a dubbing studio during his college days. He was able to discover a world of opportunities with sound, which was his passion. It was then he decided to become a music artist. Although he was quite young at that time, Jonathan clung to the hope of living his dreams and kept chasing his passion.

With no support from his family and no financial backing, Jonathan ended up sleeping on the streets and sometimes park benches. He enjoyed the experience as it exposed his artistic soul to the different sounds in his surroundings. The chirping of birds, the humming of bees, and raindrops were music to his ears. All these sounds inspired him to create his own composition. He used to deliver pizza after college and attend composition training classes on weekends. Sometimes, he worked 8 hours a day just to turn his dream into reality.

His hard work and perseverance earned him small live gigs. It was then Jonathan began gaining recognition in the music industry. From clubs to elite parties and festivals, Jonathan was a sought-after performer. His electrifying energy and brilliant stage presence made him a jack of all trades.

Jonathan's escalating career came to an abrupt halt in 2020 when the pandemic began raging throughout the world. With social distancing becoming the new normal, all live shows and events were either postponed or canceled. Jonathan was out of work for months. This state of idleness compared to his previously hectic life took a toll on his mental health. He would spend hours frantically searching newspapers and bulletins to see if the government was allowing any live events to be organized during his time. He almost started to believe his career was over. He then discovered the possibilities of social media as a virtual platform for artists across the world.

In October 2020, Jonathan released his debut single "Times Will Change" on his YouTube channel Soulful Sound. Within a month, the track earned more than 2 million views. This overwhelming response from his fans was the encouragement he needed to re-launch his career. "Times Will Change" reflects the anxiety and pain he felt during those jobless months. It echoed the problems of millions who were similarly affected.

"Times Will Change" proved to be a turning point in his career. He has released two more singles and one album since then, each being well-received by his audience. He is now focused on his upcoming album, which will be comprised of cross-genre tracks with his signature sound mix.