If you're planning an event, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or a corporate shindig, you'll want to make sure that everyone has the best time possible. It's sort of the entire point of having an event in the first place!

Hiring a band is one of the most sure-fire ways to ensure that everyone at your event has a great time for many reasons.

Creates an atmosphere

Have you ever walked into a silent event and found the whole thing incredibly awkward?

Without music, your event won't have any atmosphere, which means that your guests are likely to feel awkward and won't have as good a time.

Musicians are experts at creating atmosphere, both within the music they play and in the way that they interact with the crowd. If you can find the right band for your event, it will mean that your guests feel what you want them to be feeling - whether that's being happy and excitable or more emotional - musicians are experts at evoking emotion.

It helps people to connect

If you choose the right music for your event, it will help to create a group identity that helps to create a bond between your guests.

This is especially important if you have guests of many different ages and backgrounds, it can be difficult to break the ice. However, if you have a band playing a popular song that everyone knows and likes, everyone will soon be dancing together and having a great time!

This shared experience creates a bond that will last for a long time, even after the event itself is over.

They come with lighting and sound equipment

If you hire a band through an agency like Alive Network, they will come fully equipped with sound and lighting equipment, meaning that you will get a much better sound quality than you would if you were to just plug your phone into a Bluetooth speaker!

The lighting and effects equipment that bands provide can also help, along with the music, to create the right atmosphere, and evolve it as the night progresses.

For example, earlier in the evening, you might have quite a bit of light in the room so that everyone can easily see one another and get acquainted. Then, as the night goes on, you might want to progress to colored disco lights to encourage everyone to get on the dance floor.

Hiring a band means that you get the equipment, as well as people who know how to use it to make your guests as happy as possible.

It means you can enjoy yourself

Leaving the entertainment to a band means that you don't need to worry about it. You can leave the music up to the band and enjoy the fruits of your hard work party planning, rather than having to create a playlist, and ensure that it goes on at the right time, the right volume and that the speakers and phone don't run out of battery or otherwise malfunction!