Edward Bruce is one of the most prominent executive music producers in the music world today. He is a renowned producer across the UK, working with big music names like Shotgun, Dizzee Rascal, and many others. Bruce has also collaborated in writing sessions with big labels such as Red Bull Music and Sony/RCA Records UK. The veteran executive producer has achieved millions of streams across his own music label releases, with numbers still on the rise.

Throughout his production career, Bruce has bagged various international awards and certifications. He received both Gold and Platinum certification awards in France and Belgium for Loïc Nottet's Selfocracy album released under Sony/Jive Epic. Bruce also holds the Silver IMPALA certification for his contribution to Shogun's Katana EP, a major hit released under his TMG music label.

Bruce's unique insight and experience in the music industry make many music industry players want to associate and work with him. He has invested hundreds of hours into learning everything needed to enhance and expand his music knowledge. His decision to view the industry from a strong, independent approach and build his music empire from scratch has made him stand out. He did not rely on traditional methods but figured out his own unique way to the top of the game. This allowed him to gain a very deep knowledge of digital service provider (DSP) deals, the industry's dynamics, and, more importantly, how the end-user gets to listen to the product.

A self-made executive producer, Bruce is always open to working with any talent in the industry, from the well-established to up-and-coming young artists. He believes that everyone has something to offer the industry, and what counts it's the hard work, commitment, and dedication they put into their craft. He considers his own journey that started with a do-it-yourself approach, entering a new space, and building himself to working with some incredible music brands to serve as the perfect example that everyone has something to offer, and they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Working with artists fully dedicated to their craft has also helped shape his career. Bruce is an introverted guy who prefers working alone. However, meeting artists who care immensely about their craft has helped him improve his communication skills.

His ambition is to expand TMG to become a prominent global record label. This will be achievable through his continuous efforts in executive producing and taking on investments. Bruce is more than dedicated to realizing these goals, and it doesn't matter whether he does it all by himself or through a partnership with some of the major labels in the industry. This growth will open more opportunities for him as a producer, and it will also allow more time and facilities to dedicate to some of the projects he works on with artists. More significantly, it will continue creating incredible career highlights.

To make it more special, Bruce is also keen on creating a modern open space for all the artists he works with as part of his music group. As he describes it, the space will be furnished with top-tier recording and production facilities. New and young artists will also be allowed to come through to the premises at any time.