He is a much-talked-about social media celebrity from the Middle East who has come up with his hit song "Fly Milad".

Newspapers, magazines and online publications today more than any celebrities from the film or TV industry talk and spread more stories about youngsters who have been acing the game of the internet and social media platforms. These individuals have been changing the game of the digital space in ways more than one by inspiring many others through the successes they attain along their journey, utilizing and optimizing the social media world. We came across one such highly driven influencer named Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam from the Middle East, who took the internet by storm with his relevant, entertaining and informative content and has now been looking out to create another successful career for himself in the music industry as a rising musician. 

Milad Ghasemikhah Pargam stood unique in the social media world for his content that focused on gender equality with a touch of comedy that, on the one hand, can entertain audiences and, on the other hand, can trigger conversations for bringing about a significant change in society. However, now this influencer also wants to do something that his heart has been seeking for years, to make a career as a musician and to touch the right chords of the audiences and music lovers with his musical talents and innate skills.

Getting into the music industry was no walk in the park for this passionate man who says that the decision was directly from the heart, but he fought tooth and nail to ensure he created his special place in the industry, which is already overflowing with many other established artists. Milad has been since working rigorously to make sure he creates the same magic in music the way he created with his content as a social media personality known for his unique content.

"Fly Milad" is the song with which he has started his music career and now doesn't want to look back. In addition, over 5 million followers on Instagram also proves his massive presence in the social media space. Starting his musical career as a musician, Milad can't contain his excitement to come up with more music in the near future.