With a signature sound that is an eclectic mix of soul, pop, and vintage rock, Kevin Justin Graves, more popularly known as PonyBoy, lit up Spotify in 2020, and he's ready to do it again. Here, PonyBoy shares his insights on what shaped his musical influences and how they have all come together to create his latest tracks.

PonyBoy's striking sound is that of vintage rock combined with Californian surfer sensibilities. Born and raised in Los Angeles, PonyBoy says his creative choices have been heavily influenced by growing up in the City of Angels. His professional career first began in the world of acting, when as a child, he undertook several roles in popular TV shows like Cheers and The X-Files. He is now firmly established within the music scene of LA, with his upcoming releases being hotly anticipated. 

Among his various influences, PonyBoy credits a childhood within the art world as inspiring much of his creativity. He shares that growing up, he was exposed to art of every form and medium by his father, who was a fine artist. This early exposure to the arts inspired him to invest in a career as a musical artist. The journey that entailed saw him form the successful musical group, The Graves, with his brothers and go on to perform sell-out shows at the famed West Hollywood theatre, The Roxy.

Speaking more about what can be expected of his upcoming tracks, PonyBoy shares that he has spent the last two years working on his full-length album "Goodboys," and he is excited to share what he has been creating. This album marks a collaboration between PonyBoy and producers Jo Darko and Suede Silver, and he assures his fans that each track will have been worth waiting for. Also on the horizon is his self-titled album "PonyBoy," which, he says, will touch on his LA roots and upbringing.

With the promise of upcoming PonyBoy live performances and music releases, fans of soulful pop with strong vintage rock roots have much to look forward to in 2021 and beyond.