Music brings joy to our lives. Even in our darkest moments, listening to music gives us comfort and uplifts our spirit. Where words fail, music is the best yet simplest form of expression. No wonder everyone loves listening to good music.

Cafe Disko is a music duo ensuring their audience never runs out of good music. Set to release new music monthly for the rest of this year, the pair is propelling their influence in the industry. Some of their major hits include Santeria (featuring Divmond), Don't Let Go, Heart-Shaped Box, and We Came to Dance, all of which have more than one million streams each.

Defining their sound as electronic pop style, the band creates music ranging from future bass to hip-hop and even disco. Their vibrant style, epic sound, and energetic performances make their music not only fun and exciting to listen to but also memorable.

Although they have cemented their place in the industry, the duo is far from finished. In fact, they are about to have their next big break with their upcoming project. The duo is set to release new music each month until the end of the year. They already have two new singles out: "N2S" featuring Kovu and "Lost With You."

Since the declaration by WHO regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, countries have imposed various confining measures so as to prevent the spread of the virus. Among those measures was the nationwide lockdown; the effect of the pandemic on the global economy has also seen businesses incur losses and people lose jobs. Living in uncertainty, most people have turned to music to ease their anxiety and frustrations.   According to Cafe Disko, they want to produce uplifting and inspiring music to listen to.

Music has become a part of us, says the duo. While each discovered music at different times, their deep passion for music is obvious. For Paul and Patrick, the studio has become their creative space and second home. Just like they found refuge in music, their goal is to create timeless music and music that can be listened to and enjoyed by anyone. Combining both their personalities, the duo sets trendsetting music. All their songs are available on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Technology is changing how people carry out their day-to-day activities. Technological advancements have made music more accessible considering the many online streaming platforms. It has also made music production and marketing much easier. Using his production skills, Patrick has adopted the latest technology to ensure the duo produces excellent quality music. In addition, Cafe Disko uses Facebook and Instagram to interact with their fans and promote their music.

Cafe Disko believed in their vision and are now top artists not only in Chicago but also across the globe. The duo knows no limits when it comes to providing good music. Without a doubt, the only way for Cafe Disko is up! Believing in your dreams is the first step towards making them a reality.