Miami-based music artist Maor Mo Avigdor was always destined to be a singer. Born to a musical family that had a band of its own, music became part of his heritage long before his birth. His parents were touring Israel when his mother was pregnant with him.

On the day he was born, his mom had to be rushed from the stage to the hospital. It probably was no shock to the family when Maor started singing at the age of 2. He moved with his family to the US when he was 8 years old.

At the age of 18, Maor Mo moved to Miami to pursue his dream. He had the ambition to become a big name in the music industry and he was determined to see it through. Armed with lots of faith and perseverance, he started building his career and developing a new sound.

After experimenting, he finally found his niche. He now defines his style as a "reality-based R&B." Unlike other artists in the same field, his music incorporates other topics besides the typical R&B subject matter. Maor is known for merging international sounds with soul. He also integrates his love for fashion within his music while striving to keep the traditional sound of the genre.

Since he entered the industry, a lot of people have contributed to his growth. World-renowned songwriter and record producer Rico Love helped Maor's development as a songwriter.

His friend and mentor Pleasure P opened his studio to him and taught him the method of recording. He also featured Maor's single "Usher Told You" on his EP titled "Pleasure P Presents". He was featured again in Pleasure P's single "Insecure" in 2016. More recently, in 2019, Maor had an opportunity to collaborate with other notable artists, such as Talib Kweli and The Game in his album "Antisocial Media."

At the moment, Maor is working hard on his new album "Same God'', which is set to debut in October. The first track of the album is the title track, Same God. Maor features contemporary R&B artist Christon Gray who complements his style perfectly. The two blend their unique styles and address major social issues like love and religion in a very relatable way.

The track opens with Maor lamenting about his love interest's parents' dislike for him. He sings, "We pray to the same God, but our love is not enough. Am not your mama's favorite, and your daddy hates me. I don't know what else I can do, but change my religion for you. Maybe then they will accept me more."

After a catchy and soulful chorus, the song then segues smoothly into the second verse where Christon takes the lead. The entire track is a masterpiece that showcases great songwriting, powerful vocals, and top-notch production skills. It leaves you yearning for more from the duo. 

The good news is that the entire album is 27 minutes and 49 seconds long. Maor has once again collaborated with big names in the industry as the next 9 tracks prove. Talib Kweli, The Game, Murs, Rico Love, and Pleasure P are all featured.

Each track addresses a different issue and has a different sound but the overall experience is awesome. Buckle up and experience musical genius at its best.