L Easy is an international music artist who is responsible for countless hits in the hip-hop genre. As a music producer and recording artist, he has worked with many hip-hop and pop superstars from all over the world. L Easy built his own recording label many years ago to express his love for making music across different genres. This company is called L Easy Music Worldwide, a recording label that has helped many aspiring artists.

L Easy has over 1.5 million Instagram followers on his account @iamleasy and almost the same number of supporters on other social media platforms. He uses his popularity on these platforms to build up his recording label as he looks to bring awareness to people about African music. L Easy is never shy about his background; he founded L Easy Music Worldwide in the hopes of putting the African continent on the music map.

As part of his campaign for his music label, L Easy launched his debut album as a solo recording artist under his own production company label. The album is called 'The Maturation'. It is his passion project and is composed of ten songs that L Easy composed himself. Some of the songs included in this recently released album are 'Naked', 'No De Do', 'I Be Your Mate', 'Intro', 'Try Me', and 'Energy'.

Despite his recording label being named after him, L-Easy maintains that his company is less about him and more about quality music and quality artists. As seen on its website, L Easy Music Worldwide aims to uphold the dignity present in traditional African music. L Easy challenges musicians from Africa to love their own and find creative ways to make African music appealing to all ears.

L Easy Music Worldwide currently has two amazing artists leading the label's goal of making African music heard across the globe. These artists are Hitboy Kellz, a sound creator and vocalist from Nigeria, and HIGHLIFE SOES, a singer and songwriter also  from Nigeria. These two young and talented artists are proof that Africa has innumerable and amazing musicians, so L Easy's purpose is to work hard to make them known throughout the world.

HIGHLIFE SOES has been making music since he was a child, so he brings to L Easy's recording company a raw and youthful passion for music. Hitboy Kellz is known for combining elements of RnB, hip-hop, dance, and Afro beats to produce a vibe called Afrogangstar. In the years to come, more talented artists with immense potential will be coming to L Easy Music Worldwide to make their music heard.

Just as it has promoted HIGHLIFE SOES and Hitboy Kellz, L Easy Music Worldwide hopes to open more opportunities for talented and hardworking musicians. While the music label is geared toward promoting African sounds to the rest of the world, it welcomes artists from other nations and genres, too. Fans can check out L Easy's YouTube channel, as well as his fanlink, to get the latest updates about his label.