• Black Violin Hip-Hop Duo Release Topical

    Black Violin Hip-Hop Duo Release Topical 'Invisible' Single

    Continuing the argument that classical music and hip-hop are not exempt from one another, we present you with Black Violin, a duo from Florida comprised of two classically trained instrumentalists. They just released their latest track, "Invisible."
  • Composer Beseeches Peers

    Composer Beseeches Peers "Cut Ties with BP" in Letter

    It seems that British Petroleum (BP) has angered the classical community with its destructive environmental debauchery. Now, in a letter published in The Guardian, a composer beseeches their peers to decline all funding that will allow BP to maintain social legitimacy in light of its crimes.
  • '1776'

    Ranking '1776' Track-by-Track for July 4th: John Adams, Ben Franklin...America!

    The July 4th weekend approaches and that means your correspondent will engage in his yearly tradition of putting on the soundtrack to the Broadway musical 1776, nothing singing along and thanking the Lord that someone saw fit to give John Adams some credit for his significant role within the creation of this nation. The musical, composed by Sherman Edwards, revolves largely around Adams and Benjamin Franklin as they pressure Thomas Jefferson into writing the Declaration of Independence and the rest of the Continental Congress to sign it. Join as as we count down the tracks from the original Broadway cast, ranking them from least to most excellent.
  • What Performers Have Played Historic Venues Most? Carnegie Hall, Red Rocks, More

    Billy Joel made history at one of the most acclaimed music venues in the world this week when he played his 65th concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The total helped him to surpass that of friend Elton John, giving him the most appearances at the historic Manhattan venue. There are many music venues the world over that are adored by performers and fans alike, but unfortunately not many have done much work in attempting to figure out what performers have played there the most. Of course, many—such as The Troubadour in Los Angeles—probably didn't foresee themselves lasting as long as they have. Music Times has done our best to figure out what musicians have played the most gigs at some of the world's most vaunted performance spaces.
  • South Dakota

    Billboard's 50 Acts for 50 States: Taylor Swift, Eminem, More Rep Hometowns

    Billboard came up with a fun project for the July 4th holiday, assigning a music performer that best represents each of the 50 states. According to the site, final decisions were largely based on sales results from its charts, but a performer's deception to their home state via its lyrics also made a difference. Check out what performer made it for your state and let us know if Billboard chose well.
  • William Tell Gang-Rape Scene Receives Poor Reviews, Critics and Public Respond in Outrage

    William Tell Gang-Rape Scene Receives Poor Reviews, Outrages Responses

    Art has spurred many a-controversy for as long as it has been in creation (and that's a very long time). However, critics and concertgoers alike have agreed that the latest staging of Rossini's epic four-part production of "William Tell" at the Royal Opera House is distasteful and offensive, specifically because of its 5-minute long rape scene.
  • Go forth and be educated!

    Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory to Merge in 2016

    Two of the most esteemed music schools in the country will soon be joining forces, as officials from both the Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory announced Friday that the programs would be merging in the near future. The spacial issues involved with combining two campuses won't be too much of a problem, as both are blocks from each other in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston.
  • Taye Diggs as Hedwig

    Taye Diggs Shines in Makeup for 'Hedwig and The Angry Inch' Role

    A promotional shot featuring Taye Diggs as the title character in 'Hedwig and The Angry Inch' has come out, featuring the actor with penciled-on eyelashes, shiny lipgloss and so much glitter. The Hollywood Reporter goes as far as to compare him with '80s pop star Grace Jones.
  • Unreleased Miles Davis Performances Premiere in Columbia's 'Newport 1955-1975' Box Set

    Miles Davis Unreleased Performances Premiere in 'Newport 1955-1975' Box Set

    Miles Davis fans have grown over the years to include everyone from seasoned jazzgoers to dabblers in the genre. During his stint at the Newport Jazz Festival, his performances there brought together an audience of all stripes and trades. Now, those special performances will be available for purchase.
  • James Horner

    Coroner Confirms Composer James Horner's Plane Crash Was Accident

    A medical examiner's office in Southern California has formally confirmed that James Horner was the pilot killed in a plane crash earlier this week, and law enforcement has also confirmed that the death was an accident. Ventura County medical examiner Zeb Dunn reported in a statement that the composer was killed by blunt force trauma from the crash.
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