• Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

    James Taylor, Tony Bennett and Tom Petty: Longest Streaks Before A No. 1 Album

    James Taylor is a legend. The dude's been around for nearly 50 years. He's seen fire and he's seen rain. But there was one thing that the songwriter never saw during his lengthy career in music: A no. 1 record. That finally changed this week when 'Before This World,' his first album of original material in more than 13 years, peaked at the top of the Billboard 200. That got us at Music Times wondering...what performer took the longest to get their first no. 1 album? We ranked the Top 5, from "least" years to most..including Tom Petty, Tony Bennett and more.
  • 'Sonic Highways' Score Cover Artwork

    Interview: Scoring Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways' Documentary with Bryan Lee Brown

    Though it may have seemed like the rollout of new music from Foo Fighters may have been the soundtrack to the band's HBO documentary Sonic Highways, the actual musical map of the show came from its score work. The low, ambient tones, the dobro, just the right amount of drama and intrigue marked Dave Grohl and co.'s personal and musical journey across the U.S.
  • Anna Netrebko Rumored to Cancel 'Iolanta' Performance Due to Throat Infection

    CONSOLATION PRIZE: Anna Netrebko Canceling Tchaik's 'Iolanta' Due to Throat Infection?...WIN IT ON CD!

    We're going to miss her, indeed. And if you are, too, Classicalites, just answer the following quiz correctly--by our standards, at least--and win Deutsche Grammophon's two-CD Iolanta set of Netrebko, Sergey Skorokhodov, Alexey Markov, Vitalij Kowaljow and the Emmanuel Villaume-led Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. We'll throw in another live Blu-Ray of her Verdi, Mozart and Puccini at Salzburg, as well.
  • Google Play's 'Classical Live' Gives Orchestras New Outlet for Live Records

    Google Play's 'Classical Live' Gives Orchestras New Outlet for Live Records

    Perhaps the largest effort to bring classical into the digital age, Google's upcoming music platform, dubbed 'Classical Live' aims to bring together audiences of all stripes. The idea is to provide listeners with exactly what the namesake denotes: exclusive live recordings of the world's most well-known orchestras.
  • Colleen

    Classicalite Q&A with Colleen

    Much like myself, french multi-instrumentalist Colleen aka Cécile Schott takes sonic influence from Terry Riley, Arthur Russell, traditional African and Jamaican music and, naturally, the Wu Tang Clan. All of which she delved into on her edition of VF Mix 14, a vinyl-only mix series hosted by The Vinyl Factory, quoting “Bells of War” as her choice Wu cut. These influences trace back to Cecille’s childhood obsession with her parents cassette tape “The Kings of Reggae”, mostly consisting of Lee “Scratch” Perry tracks from 1976 to 1979. In her own work, she uses her voice and the baroque instrument treble viola da gamba to recite intricate tales of the human mind and heart. Her latest release, Captain of None on Thrill Jockey Records is possibly the most experimental album in her repertoire featuring tracks heavily influenced by her Jamaican and African music obsession, embossed bass lines and, new to her, percussive effects. Recorded, mixed and produced entirely by Cecille in her San Sebastian, Spain music studio, Cecille imparted dub production techniques, a melodica, a Moogerfooger and delay pedal and echo effects. Another intricacy of Captain of None: rather than bowing the instrument in a traditional manner, Cecille tunes the viola da gamba like a guitar and plucks it for a fresh perspective on what a string instrument is and can be. I had an e-conversation with Colleen on her Thrill Jockey release, where her love of the viola da gamba came from and the very real struggle for non-American artists to tour in the States.
  • The Flaming Lips

    Indie Rock Stars Help Write, Produce Album For The Silver Lake Chorus

    The Silver Lake Chorus must feel like they are the coolest kids on the block nowadays. With the band set to release their new self-titled album June 16, the general public is going to find out what many top indie rock stars had already figured out. Album producer Ben Lee assembled the talents of other big name musician friends who enjoyed The Silver Lake Chorus to compose original tunes for the band to record.
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