• Kurt Elling

    REVIEW: Kurt Elling, 'Passion World' (Concord Jazz)

    Every single one of singer Kurt Elling's 10 previous albums has been nominated for a Grammy Award (he won in 2009). Now comes album #11, 'Passion World,' five years in the making, is a world music potpourri of intriguing images, melodies, sadness and surprise.
  • Donald Trump

    Music Times Matches Republican Debate Candidates (Trump et al) with Opening Acts

    The Republican Debates will air tonight on FOX, and many will be tuning in to hear what Donald Trump will say...versus actually trying to educate themselves on who the best candidate for the right side of the aisle might be. Music Times doesn't write too much about politics but we know something, duh, about music, so we've come up with an act or musician to accompany all ten of tonight's candidates. Check out our reasoning below, with the candidates ordered just as FOX has them ranked heading into the big event.
  • Bram van Sambeek Creates 'Save the Bassoon' Fund, Attempts to Save Orchestra

    Bram van Sambeek Creates 'Save the Bassoon' Fund, Attempts to Save Orchestra

    The death of Cecil the lion may have shocked the world but it is in fact another "animal" that truly faces certain death: the bassoonist. At least, that's what Bram van Sambeek would have you believe. In an effort by Bram van Sambeek to save the future of the bassoon in the orchestra, he has equated the declining popularity of the instrument to that of an animal going extinct. Van Sambeek calls his effort the "Save the Bassoon Fund."
  • Jonas Kaufmann Quarrels With Former Decca Imprint Over Puccini Album

    Jonas Kaufmann Quarrels With Former Decca Imprint Over 'Puccini' Album

    Earlier this month, Classicalite released an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Jonas Kaufmann's upcoming release, 'Nessum Dorma - The Puccini Album.' Now, in a heated quarrel with his former label, Kaufmann is the victim of a dueling 'Puccini' album adorning his namesake, entitled 'The Age of Puccini.'
  • Adele 2013 Oscars

    Ranking Bond Theme Songs: Adele, Madonna, Tina Turner and More Join James

    Bookies in the UK have closed betting on the performer behind the theme song for the new James Bond film, Spectre, as an anonymous bettor placed a £15,000 wager that Radiohead will perform the track. There's no official word yet from the band or the studio...but it's safe to say that no one throws away that much money without a good hunch. Although director Sam Mendes says that a song has indeed been recorded and will be officially released soon, all we can do right now is wonder. In the meantime, take a look at the theme songs from the previous seven installments of the Bond series, which we've ranked from worst to first.
  • Queen Elizabeth - Getty Images

    Queen Elizabeth and Concerts: The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, One Direction and More

    Fifty years ago on this date, The Beatles debuted its new film, Help!, in London and there was a very big name in the crowd at the debut: Queen Elizabeth II. This constituted arguably the greatest gathering of famous British-folk in the last century, while also demonstrating that the monarch was more than happy to take in popular entertainment along with her constituents (a fan site for the Royal Family notes that she has considerably more "lowbrow" taste than her husband, Prince Philip). If you need more proof of the Queen's enjoyment of popular music, here are some more instances from recent (and not so recent) years.
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