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New York City Council Supports Justice for Jazz Artists Campaign, Which Doesn't Mean Jazz Clubs Will Necessarily Negotiate

New Orleans is seminal in the history of jazz, and St. Louis and Chicago have had a heck of a run with the genre themselves. There's no denying the the ultimate capital of jazz has to be New York City however. Although the biggest performers have ...

Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett Team Up for Las Vegas New Year's Eve Concert Following 'Cheek to Cheek'

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's Cheek to Cheek love affair is set to continue for at least a few more months. Today (Oct. 6) following the No. 1 debut of their collaborative jazz album, the music sensations announced that they will be ringing in the New ...

10 Album Titles That Incorporate The Artist's Name

When an artist has an iconic name, it's tempting to use that name wherever possible, especially within the title of an album. Here are 10 albums that incorporate the artist's name without being simply self-titled.

Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Sells Lightbulbs in "Tim and Eric Awesome Show" Creators GE Commercial

Jeff Goldblum, shirtless, is trying to sell you light bulbs to illuminate your non-famous couch potato man friend. The commercial falls perfectly in line with Goldblum’s Café Caryle performances this fall with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. The ...

John Lurie Exhibition 'There Are Things You Don't Know About' Premieres at Cavin-Morris Gallery

Lounge Lizard and iconic television personality, John Lurie, will have an exclusive premiere with Cavin-Morris Gallery from September 18 to October 25 with his latest exhibition John Lurie: There Are Things You Don't Know About.

Original 'Chicago' Cast Making Guest Appearances for Show's Record-Breaking November 23 Performance

Of all the Broadway shows, few have packed them in over the years such as Chicago. The November 23 performance of the musical is going to be a hot ticket now that we know the show's original cast will be making guest appearances throughout the ...

Diana Krall Postpones Tour and 'Wallflower' New Album Release Due to Pneumonia Case

Diana Krall has postponed the release of her new album Wallflower and the accompanying tour due to an ongoing case of pneumonia. The album was scheduled to be released on October 21 but because of Krall's inability to do promotions for it, label ...

Watch the Video for Saxophonist/Singer Grace Kelly's "Working for the Dreamers"

If you aren't familiar with 22-year-old, Korean-American saxophonist and vocalist Grace Kelly, then you will certainly want to be soon. Heralded by peers as distinct as Dave Brubeck, Questlove and even Huey Lewis, Classicalite is excited, indeed, to ...

New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces Citywide ID Card Program Benefiting the Arts

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a New York City-wide ID card program that garners cultural benefits last Thursday at the Bronx Zoo.

Miles Davis and John Coltrane's Last Tour as Miles Davis Quintet to Be Featured on 'All of You' Four-Disc Set

'All of You: The Last Tour' will feature four discs of material, some of which "have previously been available in a patchy and piecemeal fashion. This is the first time that a substantial body of the material recorded during the tour has been brought ...

Alicia Keys, Wynton Marsalis and More Perform at Ruby Dee Memorial Service in New York City

Actress Ruby Dee was honored by musicians and celebrities of other stripes at a memorial event held in her hometown of New York on Saturday. Among the musical acts in attendance were Alicia Keys, Harry Belafonte, Wynton Marsalis and Peter Yarrow.

Musical Honoring Disco Legend Sylvester, 'Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical' Takes Dance Hits to the Stage

The heyday of disco wasn't all that long ago when divas like Donna Summer and Vicki Sue would take the stage with their soulful voices. But one name, Sylvester, stands among the rest and is now honored in a new musical Mighty Real: A Fabulous ...

Bruce Hornsby, Sonny Emory Come to Jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Theater on September 26

A musical tradition in and of himself, Bruce Hornsby--who just released a live 2-disc set entitled Solo Concerts--will come to Jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Theater on Friday, September 26 for a duo performance with percussionist Sonny Emory.

Jazz World to Fans: Quit Hating on Satirists, from Django Gold's 'Sonny Rollins: In His Own Words' to Pop Culture

Jazz music to jazz fans oft seems irreproachable, especially in the context of the most recent Sonny Rollins article by Django Gold in The New Yorker. The article, "Sonny Rollins: In His Own Words" wasn't side-splittingly funny, just a mild stab at ...

American Composers Orchestra Honors Andy Akiho with Underwood Emerging Composer Commission

The American Composers Orchestra (ACO) has named their 2014 Underwood Commission award to Andy Akiho. In addition to the accolade, the American-born composer will also be awarded a $15,000 prize for a future work to be premiered by the ACO.

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