June 23, 2018 / 10:53 PM

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Classical Crossover: Bad Move...or Step Forward?

Classical music has its share of crossover artists, but is this really advancing the art form?

Comedian Stephen Fry Co-Curates Royal Opera House's Deloitte Ignite Verdi/Wagner Festival

Stephen Fry is the latest British comedian to declare his love for the classics, with this year's ROH's Deloitte Ignite Fest.

Up And Comers: The Hics

Each week, Music Times will feature a band that has started to make headlines but hasn't quite become a household name. We hope to catch these groups early in their careers and watch them on their paths to stardom. This week, we introduce you to The ...

American Idol Judges Set: Harry Connick Jr. Joins Cast Along With Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban

A source confirmed to US Weekly on Saturday that "American Idol" had found a third judge to round out its panel during the series' 13th season. Jazz crooner Harry Connick Jr. will be joining returning judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

Chicago's Ravinia Festival Embraces Musical Change While Staying True to its Classical Roots

The Ravinia Festival may earn more money from its pop acts, but the fest hasn't turned its back on its classical roots.

Five Quickies: Les Misérables with Lawyers, Donald Rosenberg on Modern American Symphonies, Britten's Lost 'Sylphides,' Charlie Parker's Birthday, Snapchat Opera

So, in an effort to keep all you Classicalites abreast of each and every situation, we'll be trawling the web for the best headlines--those stories, those people making the biggest waves...

Movie Scores with Live Orchestras Flood the Festivals and Halls of New York, Chicago, Indiana and Virginia

More and more U.S. orchestras are playing famous movie scores while the movie is shown above. But is this a positive or negative development in symphonic music?

Mark-Anthony Turnage and Richard Thomas' 'Anna Nicole' at Royal Opera House, Covent Garden [PHOTOS]

Like we said we would, Classicalite is pleased to share Reuters photog Andrew Winning's shots from the opening night--February 17, 2011--of 'Anna Nicole' at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden...

Beethoven’s 'Moonlight Sonata' No. 14, Op. 27...the Kobe Bryant, NBA 2013 Version

Kobe Bryant, superstar basketball player, apparently likes to relax with a bit of Beethoven--played, at least sometimes, by himself. He's even appeared in a Lenovo commercial tinkling the ivories in music by the composer, although...

Five Quickies: American Orchestral Crisis, MacArthur Grants Increase, M.I.T.'s Futuristic Opera, Tchaikovsky's Wrong Note, Six Hours of John Zorn at 60

And with the world's best musicians, singers, dancers and actors going back to repertory work after their summer stocks, there's more good news happening now than there was, say, back in July...

Brooklyn Academy of Music Staging U.S. Première of Mark-Anthony Turnage and Richard Thomas' 'Anna Nicole' Opera

Long before A&E's mess of mallards and that mess of a family on TLC were dumbing down reality television beyond whatever aesthetic marrow remained, there was 'The Anna Nicole Show.' Of course, resigned to the E! network, it, too...

They Had A Dream: As America Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Landmark Speech, Music Times Lists Five Records Essential to The Civil Rights Movement

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous "I Have A Dream Speech." The speech and the march on Washington were seminal moments in the the Civil Rights Movement, leading to basic human rights for black citizens of the United ...

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