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Classicalite Q&A with Trombone Virtuoso Kenneth Carr

In one word, it's authenticity that pours forth from Kenneth Carr's recordings, marking him as a player worth your attention in the mixed up, muddled up world of modern jazz.

No Mo' Satchmo: Critic and Playwright Terry Teachout Wins $250,000 Prize from GOP's Lynde and Harry Brandley Foundation

Ah, the right wing agenda may not be fitting for most liberal artists, that is if you consider yourself one.

Kris Bowers Teaches YouTubers the History of Jazz Piano Playing from the 1800s to Now, NPR Makes Corrections

YouTube can always secure a firm grip on the latest trending media. Perhaps one of those videos that has become a household, well, vid, is the "Evolution of Dance" phenomenon. You remember it, maybe fragments of a orange-shirt, jean-wearing dance ...

Symphonic Synchrony: Three New Devices That Allow Any Simple Object to Become a Beloved Musical Instrument

I don't know about you, but my band and I have a recurring joke that we can plug in and tune into our fruit in the van, hearing myriad scores and compositions of our own concoctions, some subjectively known as L'Orange: Suite Deux and Beet-le-mania.

Who Shot Ya: Top 10 Most Sampled Jazz Artists of All Time via WhoSampled, From Nina Simone and Erykah Badu to Biggie and Snoop

Could jazz music be considered the predecessor to modern hip-hop and funk form? Well, potentially, and this year even Snoop Dogg gave props to Herbie Hancock as that very forefather to the rap movement.

Pop Stars on Broadway: Hits and Misses with Ricky Martin, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nick Jonas, Cyndi Lauper, Sara Bareilles, Etc.

Pop stars from Ricky Martin to Carly Rae Jepsen have ventured onto Broadway and West End stages, with mixed results.

Transgender Theater Star SHAKINA Takes Our Proust Questionnaire

The word shakina--lowercase--is a distinctly Hebraic one. Specifically, it refers to the feminine presence of the divine spirit. Washed in the blood of Jimmy Carter's Southern Baptist on my mother's side, myself, I'm wont to call it the most ...

Last Kind Words: Elvie Thomas and Geeshie Wiley Unearthed via New York Times, "Motherless Child Blues" Revived

In the spring of 1930, in a damp and dimly lit studio, on a Wisconsin village off Lake Michigan, Thomas and Wiley recorded a session of songs that for over half a century had been named masterpieces of pre-war Americana.

Seven Great Movie Scores by Rock Musicians

Since Hollywood always seems desperate to get people to go to the movies, it’s strange that they wouldn’t hire popular musicians to score their films more often, as that could draw in a completely different group of people that otherwise ...

National Jazz Poetry Month: 'Lambda Literary Review' Excerpts James Baldwin's 'Jimmy's Blues' in Celebration

If you haven't already heard (and since we reported on it, you should have), April is not only Jazz Appreciation Month...it's also National Poetry Month. And to celebrate, the good people at The Lambda Literary Review are clearly excited to share an ...

UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller Resigns, Industry Nervously Eyes Her Successor Sajid Javid

It's all change at the top of the UK arts scene as the government's Culture Secretary Maria Miller resigns after becoming embroiled in a scandal over her expenses (she was cleared of the major charges, but still has to pay several thousand pounds of ...

'Lost' Marx Brothers Broadway Musical Back After 90 Years

'I'll Say She Is' established the Marx Brothers as the preeminent jesters of the Jazz Age. Never made into a movie, it hasn't been seen since its 1924-25 Broadway run--until now.

10 Coolest TV Theme Songs

In celebration of the premiere of Mad Men's final season this weekend, we've come up with a list of ten of the coolest TV show theme songs of all time. Let's begin with the song that inspired this list...

Vijay Iyer Trio, Rock Stars of Jazz, Perform at Harlem Shrines Festival on May 9 Alongside Aruan Ortiz

Continuing his lonstanding relationship with the fest, the Vijay Iyer Trio goes on May 9 at 7:30 p.m. Performing at Marian Anderson Theater at Aaron Davis Hall, consider it a highlight of Jazz Appreciation Month.

LINKS: Annapurna, NY Phil Plays Game of Thrones, Sun Ra's Master Tapes, Saul Williams in Tupac Shakur Musical, David Grubbs Reading

A sitcom king and queen take up residence Off Broadway next month when Will and Grace's Megan Mullally and Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman bring Sharr White's comic two-hander Annapurna to The New Group for a limited run beginning April 13.

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