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Sonic Youth -

6 Album Covers With Text That Isn't The Title: Prince, Sonic Youth And More

Buzz 20:26PM EDT

The classic, most basic function of an album cover is to let you know what the album's title is, and who recorded it. Though there are plenty of classic album covers that don't use any text at all, these six album covers feature text that don't actually include the album title anywhere.READ MORE

Animal Collective

7 Artists Who Changed Their Names (After Becoming Famous): Dinosaur Jr., Animal Collective, and More

Exclusives 18:17PM EDT

Today, Long Island band Twin Sister announced that it would be changing its name to Mr. Twin Sister. Though it's not at all uncommon for a band to change its name a couple of times when starting out (I've been in bands that went months without a name at all), once the band starts releasing music and gaining an audience, like Mr. Twin Sister, changing names becomes tricky. Here are seven artists that have also changed their names after becoming famous.READ MORE

Green Day -

9 Incredible Albums with Awful Titles: Green Day, the Beatles and more

Exclusives 16:25PM EDT

There are some albums where everything comes together perfectly: the music, the lyrics, the cover, the title, everything. However, some of the greatest albums of all time were given titles that don't serve the music at all. Here are nine great albums that were given awful titles.READ MORE

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