Travis McCready

Pioneering Live Concert in Pandemic Era Held in Arkansas

Buzz 23:54PM EDT

Travis McCready is the first artist in the U.S. to perform an in-person live concert on May 18 with a social-distanced audience.READ MORE

Arron Lewis - Sheriff's Office Handout

Arron Lewis Names Accomplice in Alleged Murder of Arkansas Real Estate Agent Beverly Carter

News 12:55PM EDT

The search for Beverly Carter, an Arkansas real estate agent, came to a sad end Tuesday morning when law enforcement confirmed that her body had been found.READ MORE

An All-Star Tribute to Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Boyhood Home Grand Opening: Reba McEntire, Loretta Lynn & Bobby Bare Celebrate With Music Festival In Arkansas

Trending News 14:02PM EDT

This past Saturday (Aug. 16) saw the grand opening of the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home, the small farmhouse in Dyess, Arkansas, where the legendary singer grew up, and often sang about, that has now been transformed into a museum.READ MORE

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