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Botox or IG Filter? Madonna, 62 Returns in Hot Leather Bra and Shorts on Latest Stunning Instagram Selfie

Botox or IG Filter? Madonna, 62 Looks Ageless in Hot Leather Bra and Shorts on Latest Stunning Instagram Selfie

Buzz 10:25AM EDT

Or does she just have the fountain of youth? Madonna looks stunningly ageless in latest hot selfie!READ MORE

Kate Middleton and Prince George - Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton Visiting NYC in Late November, Prince George May Also Join Them for Big Apple Tour

Off-Key 09:51AM EDT

There is an ever-so-slight chance that New Yorkers might actually catch a glimpse of little Prince George later this month. It was revealed earlier this fall that Prince William was planning on visiting New York City, and at that time his wife, Kate Middleton, was knee-deep in morning sickness. She was canceling scheduled royal appearances on a weekly basis back then and the royals were not sure if Middleton was going to remain ill right up until the day she delivered her second child. Luckily, in recent weeks Middleton has rebounded. She is still not 100 percent, but she is well enough to put on a gown and smile for a few hours. Middleton is also fairly desperate to make up for all those missed appearances, mainly because she hates letting Queen Elizabeth down. She has traveled a bit recently, proving that she is capable of doing so, and because of that Middleton is now expected to tour NYC with her husband in late November. There are also rumors that Prince George may also accompany his parents to the Big Apple. The future heir to the throne's last official trip with his parents was last April, when the family spent nearly a month Down Under.READ MORE

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